Press releases | 01/19/2016 High customer benefit through innovative design: the new Liebherr crawler crane LR 1100

  • Prototype of the LR 1100 presented at a trade fair for the first time
  • Innovative 100-tonne crane available worldwide from summer 2016
  • The new crawler crane offers optimized lifting capacities, easy set-up and quick start-up

At the Bauma 2016 Liebherr will present an innovative crawler crane concept for the 100-tonne class. The new LR 1100 will be available worldwide from summer 2016. Transport, set-up, lifting capacities and user-friendliness focus on optimizing customer benefit.

The newly designed steel fabrication of this Liebherr crawler crane resembles a tubular structure and so has not only a high recognition factor but also allows for optimum force transmission over short distances. This results in excellent lifting capacities even compared to the predecessor model in this class. These can be further enhanced by approx. 20% using a swinging counterweight, which is available as an option. The counterweight is swung backwards hydraulically and so produces a higher stability with increased lifting capacities.

The LR 1100 is fitted with a powerful 230-kW diesel engine complying with the exhaust emission standards stage IV / Tier 4f. For countries with other regulations it is possible to quickly provide engines without exhaust aftertreatment.

Easy transport, quick set-up

The new Liebherr crawler crane, type LR 1100, is extremely easy to transport and, moreover, excels in extremely quick set-up. The catwalks next to cabin and service areas are simply folded down for transportation instead of being laboriously dismounted. Boom foot and crawlers also remain on the crane during transportation.

Another innovation is the patented boom foot manipulator making it easy for haulage contractors to move the crane. Starting at the boom foot a rope is guided to a short auxiliary A-frame. Another rope leads from the A-frame to the counterweight cylinder. When this cylinder is extended, the counterweight leaves its stationary position and moves upwards. Thus, there is no need for the big A-frame to be erected which is a decisive advantage when entering low ship holds during shipping or when crossing under bridges on jobsites. In order to get the crawler crane ready for operation it is sufficient to mount the boom. Thanks to the quick and easy set-up process the LR 1100 is ideal for flexible jobsite applications.

Focus on service and operating comfort

The position of the operator’s cab at a height of 2.3m provides the operator with an excellent overview of the complete jobsite. Moreover, orthopaedic operator seats as well as a modern climate control system contribute to increased comfort. A new operating concept facilitates intuitive and ergonomic work – in the cabin the operator can adapt the working position of the seat, the air conditioning as well as lighting to his individual needs.

The new design of the LR 1100 facilitates service work. Compared to the predecessor model GRP doors on the uppercarriage are no longer required. This facilitates optimum access for service personnel both from the ground and from the roof of the basic machine. Access is comfortable and safe thanks to the catwalks with optional handrails and a ladder.

Modern control systems

The Liebherr crawler crane, type LR 1100, is equipped with the Litronic® control system of the latest generation, which is based on CANBUS technology. The load moment limitation included in the system automatically calculates the lifting capacities during operation and guarantees optimum use of the machine. The Litronic® control concept is currently the only one on the market to manage without storage of load charts or interpolation of interim values.

Two new assistance systems, developed in-house, significantly contribute to higher comfort in the operation of the crawler crane and improve safety on the jobsite. The “Vertical Line Finder” ensures that the load on the rope is hoisted with perfect verticality. This prevents diagonal pull caused by the long distance between crane operator and load. Furthermore, this prevents asymmetric centres of gravity. The load does not start to sway which causes less wear to the boom and increases safety for the jobsite personnel. The second assistance system refers to the “Horizontal Load Path”. Thanks to this system loads can be moved to the projected position more precisely and efficiently following a horizontal line. This is a decisive advantage especially in blind spots.

Similar to other crawler crane types of the LR series up to 300 tonnes the LR 1100 also has a flexible and extendable boom system. Thus, the new crane is again available with a fixed jib and a luffing jib.