Press releases | 09/20/2018 Günter Jung GmbH relies on Liebherr L 580 XPower® wheel loader for greywacke extraction

  • Quarrying firm happy with the L 580 XPower® after a year of use
  • Efficient handling of greywacke thanks to Liebherr’s XPower® concept
  • L 580 XPower® loading bulk material onto American lorries at Günter Jung GmbH

Rugged American lorries for bulk material transportation are pairing up with high-performance Liebherr equipment for the greywacke extraction process. Based in Germany’s Sauerland region in North Rhine-Westphalia, quarrying company Günter Jung GmbH operates a very special fleet of machinery, which boasts the L 580 XPower® wheel loader as its latest addition. About a year on from purchasing it, company owner Günter Jung is very satisfied with the machine: ‘We are glad to have chosen the XPower® wheel loader from Liebherr. It delivers loads of power while being efficient and reliable’, he said. The L 580 XPower® is predominantly used in load-and-carry applications and feeds material into crushers and lorries. An eye-catcher in its own right, the wheel loader turns even more heads when it is loading one of the American lorries.

Günter Jung GmbH specialises in the extraction and processing of greywacke. The quarrying firm produces bulk material of various quality grades for use in industries such as special-purpose civil engineering. The high-quality quarry stones, irregular paving slabs, decorative stones and rectangular stone blocks are used in both construction and landscaping.

The L 580 XPower® wheel loader plays a key role in the extraction and processing of these products in the quarry. It picks up blast material at the quarry face and transports it to the two crusher units. In this process, the machine travels a distance of about 100 metres with ease. With its power-split driveline, the approximately 28 tonne wheel loader has no difficulty in covering this distance, which includes an incline of around 15 metres in length. Günter Jung explained: ‘I am completely amazed by the L 580’s XPower® driveline. Our quarry area includes a steep ramp and the machine negotiates it with ease.’

L 580 XPower® as the ultimate wheel loader for load-and-carry applications

Since its commissioning in June 2017, the Liebherr L 580 XPower® has proved to be ideally suited to load-and-carry applications at Günter Jung GmbH. The rugged Z-bar linkage can exert high breakout forces in the lower region of the lift arm. This plays a vital role in picking up blast greywacke using the 6.0 m3 rock bucket efficiently. During material transportation, the power-split driveline ensures a smooth ride and a high level of performance by automatically adapting to the current driving situation. As a result, the L 580 XPower® contributes to boosting the quarry’s productivity. ‘The new Liebherr wheel loader allows us to handle 1,500 tonnes of greywacke on a daily basis. At the same time, its average diesel consumption of 12 litres per hour of operation is impressively low and helps us reduce our operating costs’, Günter Jung explained.

For the Sauerland-based quarrying company, moderate fuel consumption figures coupled with high levels of material handling performance were the main reasons for purchasing the L 580 XPower®. Determined to find the best possible solution, Günter Jung meticulously tested several machine models from various manufacturers. ‘In direct comparison with other makes, it was the L 580 XPower® by Liebherr that convinced me the most. The wheel loader is sturdily built and has a comfortable cab’, said Günter Jung. He also values the close cooperation with Dortmund-based Liebherr-Baumaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH, which has established itself as a reliable partner that provides invaluable support.

Run by the Jung family since 1988, the quarry in Drolshagen also operates other Liebherr machines including an A 900 wheeled excavator, three R 914, R 924 and R 944 crawler excavators and an additional wheel loader, an L 576. But one of the fleet’s most popular models is the Liebherr A 902 wheeled excavator: built in 1989, it is maintained by Günter Jung himself and still works in the quarry as reliably as ever.