Press releases | 09/16/2016 GTA adds a second 1350-tonne Liebherr crawler crane to its fleet – the first LR 11350 with PowerBoom in Southeast Asia

  • GTA Construction has ordered a second Liebherr LR 11350 crawler crane
  • The LR 11350 stands out through its compact dimensions and versatility
  • Indonesian company GTA is a leader in the construction of major projects

Indonesian company GTA Construction has been successfully using a Liebherr LR 11350 crawler crane for over a year. GTA has now added another crane of this type to its fleet. The new 1350-tonne crane was ordered with the Liebherr PowerBoom, the first in the whole of Southeast Asia. With its high lifting capacities and compact dimensions, GTA successfully uses the Liebherr heavy duty crane for major projects of the most diverse type.

Kaoru Hirota, President Director, PT. Guna Teguh Abadi

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A Liebherr LR 11350 with PowerBoom on the acceptance area in the Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH.

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"Our current LR 11350 performs excellently and we are very satisfied with it. Since we estimate increasing demand for hoisting work over 1000 tonnes, the decision to buy a second crane of this type was a natural one", explains Kaoru Hirota, President Director of PT. Guna Teguh Abadi (GTA). The new LR 11350 is expected to be shipped in December this year. GTA ordered the new 1350-tonne crane with the Liebherr PowerBoom, a parallel boom in the lower section with which the crawler crane can achieve lifting capacities of an 1800-tonne class crane. That means that GTA Construction's new crane will be one of the most powerful crawler cranes in the region.

GTA Construction will use both units for major projects in Indonesia in petrochemicals, oil refineries and gas processing plants as well as fertilizer facilities and raw material smelters. The company is a leader in Indonesia in the management of complex major building sites since in addition to heavy lifting and heavy haulage, it also takes on mechanical work, steel structure work, maintenance and piping work, for example in oil and gas power plants. GTA also supports factory construction throughout Indonesia.

In addition to building new major plants, GTA also regularly receives orders for expansion work to be carried out whilst plants continue to operate. Kaoru Hirota emphasises that he needs cranes with high lifting capacities and particularly compact dimensions for this type of work. "With its minimal derrick radius of 15 metres, the LR 11350 is a great solution for constricted sites. The fact that the Liebherr crawler crane can also be operated in a main boom only configuration, in other words without the additional derrick boom, is of utmost importance to us compared to other cranes in this class. This versatility is extremely important for our everyday work to enable us to achieve our client’s expectations."

The company has its head office in Cilegon and employs a total of 2000 people. It has 23 years of experience in handling heavy loads. Together with its subsidiary PT Berlian Amal Perkasa which specialises in construction Rental services, the company has the most comprehensive crane fleet in Indonesia – with mobile and crawler cranes with lifting capacities between 25 and 1350 tonnes.


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