Press releases | 12/12/2016 Greatest Level of Efficiency in All Applications: Liebherr Wheel Loader L 550 at Bauma Conexpo India 2016

  • At Bauma Conexpo India, Liebherr exhibits the L 550 as an example of it’s expanding wheel loader product range
  • Reduced fuel consumption and increased safety at work
  • Robust design, especially for coal applications

At Bauma Conexpo India 2016, Liebherr is exhibiting the wheel loader L 550, an example of its expanding wheel loader product range for India and less / non regulated countries. Due to its hydrostatic driveline, the L 550 is – like all Liebherr wheel loaders – very fuel efficient, consuming up to 25 percent less fuel compared with conventional wheel loaders under the same conditions. The optimum weight distribution of the machine increases productivity at work, because larger buckets can be used to handle more material with each loading cycle

The Liebherr wheel loader L 550 on display is powered by a 147kW / 200HP diesel engine. Equipped with a 3,5m³ bucket the wheel loader achieves a tipping load of 12,350kg at an operating weight of 17,350kg. Its exhaust emissions are below the limits of the Indian certification Bharat Stage III. The optimum weight distribution combined with a wide range of attachments for different applications supports businesses to benefit from increased productivity during daily operation. Thus especially by using larger buckets compared to other type of wheel loaders in the same class.

Liebherr manufactures five wheel loader models for the Indian market, the L 580, L 566, L 550 and the two all-round wheel loaders L 538 and L 524. Liebherr wheel loaders are robust machines with the high performance and the low operating costs for which Liebherr is well-known.

Hydrostatic driveline: Reduced fuel consumption and increased safety at work

Liebherr has been promoting the development of wheel loaders with low fuel consumption for decades. Due to Liebherr’s hydrostatic driveline, Liebherr wheel loaders require on average up to 25 percent less diesel compared with other wheel loaders of the same size.

The combination of the hydrostatic travel drive and the special mounting position of the diesel engine enable movement of high load-weights. Hydraulic braking action of the hydrostatic driveline increases safety at work. Designed according to the company’s high quality standards, the L 550 wheel loader operates reliably – even in the toughest conditions.

Comfort at work: Smooth driveline and modern comfort-cabin

Customers benefit from Liebherr’s smooth driveline, as well as from its excellent manoeuvrability. For these purposes, Liebherr manufactures the majority of its components itself, ensuring the best possible match between components. This allows Liebherr wheel loaders to accelerate smoothly in all speed ranges – with no discernible gear shifts and no interruptions to tractive force. This comfortable way of operating facilitates everyday work and construction firms can deploy their wheel loaders in an efficient way, increasing productivity and ultimately profitability.

The modern cabin creates a working atmosphere which further enhances the working comfort. The driver can manage all working and travel movements precisely by using the Liebherr joystick. As a result, one hand always remains on the steering wheel. This is not only comfortable – it also increases safety on the job site. The same holds true for the advanced design of the cabin: With its compact dimensions and its large windows, it provides the driver with clear all-round visibility in all directions and a good overview of the job site.