Press releases | 11/15/2016 Global première for the new Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator in Bavaria

  • Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator with exhaust emissions stage IV / tier 4f in use for the first time
  • Higher performance thanks to increased engine power
  • Versatile, powerful and easy to transport

Heinz Kecht GmbH, with its head office in Siegsdorf, is the first customer to use the new Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator. With a new engine compliant with exhaust emissions stage IV / tier 4f, the 30-tonne class machine replaces the stage III / tier 3a version. Powerful, versatile and easy to transport: The R 926 convinces in applications at the Bavarian-based earthworks company.

The new Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator with an operating weight between 26 and 29.3 tonnes is powered by a 140kW / 190HP engine. Its new Liebherr engine has a SCR system with urea injection for the exhaust gas aftertreatment and satisfies the emissions standards of exhaust emissions stage IV / tier 4f.

The new R 926 has a high-performance and energy-efficient "Positive Control" dual-circuit hydraulic system. The "Positive Control" hydraulic system has two independent hydraulic circuits for controlling the components, making the necessary volume flow available quickly and with optimal energy use. The hydraulic system provides performance benefits with its optimal energy utilisation.

The omission of the particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and the EGR valve ensure shorter maintenance times and maximum availability of the machine. The fuel consumption, as well as costs for spare parts, are greatly reduced and productivity and efficiency on the construction site are guaranteed.

Versatile and easy to transport

The fleet of Liebherr's long-term customer Heinz Kecht now includes three Liebherr crawler excavators: an R 900, an R 916 and the new addition, the R 926, which replaced an R 914.

The company, which often operates several construction sites simultaneously, was on the lookout for a versatile machine which is easy to transport. With its compact dimensions, the Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator proved to be an optimal machine as it can be deployed easily on different construction sites. The R 926 is also equipped with the Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupler, which allows the quick and easy changeover of tools and attachments from the safety of the cab. Numerous attachments can be utilized depending on the application, thus increasing the versatility and productivity of the machine.

"The R 926 crawler excavator is perfectly adapted to the requirements of our operations", confirms Mr. Kecht, Managing Director of the company. The R 926 guarantees efficient and productive work with digging and breakout forces of 143 kN and 165 kN respectively. From earthmoving on private construction sites to pipe installation through to road construction, the crawler excavator can be used for a large number of different construction sites.

The R 926 also provides great fuel savings giving an average consumption of 13.5 litres per hour. This is down to the use of Liebherr key components such as a diesel engine, hydraulic pumps, electronic components, slew ring and slew drive, all developed and produced by Liebherr to ensure a longer service life and high machine availability.

Heinz Kecht GmbH and Tradler Baumaschinen AG

Heinz Kecht GmbH was founded in 1947 in Siegsdorf, Bavaria by Kasper Kecht and taken over in 1987 by his son, Heinz. Today the company has 23 employees and is active in numerous industries: earthmoving, drainage, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, demolition and snow clearing during the winter month.

The first Liebherr crawler excavator the company used was a R 912 Litronic from 1979. Following a 25-year collaboration the company's fleet now includes 9 Liebherr machines from the earthmoving division: three crawler excavators, one wheeled excavator and five wheel loaders.

In addition to the machines, the collaboration with the local dealer Tradler Baumaschinen GmbH, with its head office in Traunstein, also plays an important role. Tradler Baumaschinen GmbH is part of the Liebherr sales network in Germany and with 45 employees looks after the sales, rental and maintenance of earthmoving machines and tower cranes of the Liebherr Group.