Press releases | 03/14/2023 Generation 8 crawler excavators at Conexpo 2023

  • Visitors to further explore superior performance and comfort of generation 8 machines at Conexpo 2023
  • Highest performance, flexibility and safety combined with low fuel consumption are key assets of the R 924 and R 945 crawler excavators

The R 924 and R 945 generation 8 crawler excavators featured at Conexpo 2023 were first introduced in 2020. Since then, the new generation has captivated the U.S. market. Visitors will discover the outstanding qualities of these machines providing great performances and low fuel consumption as well as optimal comfort and maximum safety.

R 924 G8 crawler excavator shows off its versatility.

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Productivity, flexibility and comfort are key factors of the R 945 G8 crawler excavator.

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Conexpo 2023 shines a light on the Generation 8 R 924 and R 945 crawler excavators. Both machines are representatives of the Generation 8 crawler excavators developed and manufactured by Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar, France. Special advantages of the generation 8 machines, are their increased performance and efficiency combined with low fuel consumption.

Since their first appearance at Conexpo 2020, the machines with proven technology have become fully established in the U.S. market. The R 924 and the R 945 stand out due to higher engine power, a heavier counterweight combined with higher bucket capacities as well as enhanced digging and tractive forces – special characteristics of the generation 8 crawler excavators in comparison to previous models. Optimal loading cycles lead to increased efficiency and significant fuel savings. Its revised cab concept incorporates a side monitoring camera system for optimal view and safe operation, providing operators with a comfortable workspace in challenging environments.

The R 924 crawler excavator provides great versatility and comfort

The R 924 has an operating weight of 57,430 lb (26,05 t) and an engine power of 129 kW / 175 hp. Its backhoe bucket capacity ranges from 0.72 yd3 (0,55 m3) to 2.16 yd3 (1.65 m3). Versality and high performance are key assets of the R 924, as well as low fuel consumption. The machine has a high breakout force and is perfectly suited for frequent tools changes. In addition, the cab is equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic seat and is entirely glass to offer maximum visibility.

The ideal partner in challenging construction sites: R 945 crawler excavator

The R 945 has an operating weight of 104,170 lb (47,25 t) and an engine power of 220 kW / 299 hp. Its backhoe bucket capacity varies from 2.62 yd3 (2.00 m3) to 3.92 yd3 (3.00 m3). The R 945 makes a difference with its productivity and its flexibility. The machine can be equipped with several tools to match every application and has short loading cycle times due to its optimized hydraulics. The stability is another highlight of the R 945, which makes it the perfect machine for demanding construction sites. The air-suspended seat with vertical and longitudinal shock absorption provides the operator with even greater comfort.


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