News | 08/25/2020 Four Liebherr Board Offshore Cranes for oil platforms in Azerbaijan

Being an offshore crane of the latest generation, the Liebherr BOS crane represents state-of-the-art technology and is the right choice for applications requiring high lifting capacities at medium or high outreaches. Four new cranes of the BOS-series will serve these requirements in 2021 on two offshore platforms in Azerbaijan. The Umid Babek Operating Company (UBOC) was not only impressed by the performance of the crane, but also by the Liebherr service competence and local service network.

The Board Offshore Crane (BOS) Series offers a wide range of features for different needs of the platforms in the Caspian Sea.

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Rostock (Germany) August 2020 – Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH and the Umid Babek Operating Company have signed a contract to deliver four new offshore cranes of the Board Offshore Crane (BOS) Series. The order includes two BOS 2600 with a maximum lifting capacity of 45 tonnes at 30 metres onboard as well as two BOS 4200, lifting 50 tonnes at 40 metres onboard. The BOS-series of Liebherr is best known for its modular design with standardised components for maximum reliability. That was an important element of the successful signing, as Stefan Schneider, Head of Sales General Purpose Oil and Offshore Cranes, confirms: “UBOC chose Liebherr and the BOS-series to combine several advantages for their platforms, including the proven crane design with a wide range of features. Also, our local service station in Azerbaijan enables a very flexible customer service on-site. Our technicians can be on the platform within 24 hours.”

The crane design will be certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and will cover the API design code requirements. Both the BOS 2600 as well as the 4200 have a lattice boom with a maximum working outreach of 48 metres at the main hoist and 53 metres at the auxiliary hoist. The cranes are powered electro-hydraulically and are equipped with Liebherr Litronic, the company’s in-house developed control system, which is the centrepiece for precise crane operations. One of many crane features is the 360-degree unlimited slewing radius, the remote control unit for an emergency operation and special supportive features of the crane control system for the crane operator.

The cooperation with UBOC is also a premiere for Liebherr, as this is the first time in the company's history that offshore cranes have been sold directly to Azerbaijan. The contract provides that the four BOS cranes will be delivered to UBOC in 2021 from the Liebherr production site in Rostock, Germany.