Press releases | 09/10/2020 Flexibility in action – two new Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1 mobile cranes for Wasel

  • The great mobility of the LTM 1110-5.1 makes it ideal for fast, flexible use
  • Wasel keeps its fleet at a high technical level at all times
  • Reliable Liebherr service is a major reason behind the purchase

Wasel GmbH has taken delivery of two new Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1 mobile cranes. The crane and heavy haulage contractor based in Bergheim will use the new 110 tonne cranes to replace two LTM 1100-5.2 machines. As a result of the great flexibility of the new Liebherr 5-axle crane, Wasel plans to gradually replace other 100 tonne models in its crane fleet with the LTM 1110-5.1.

From left to right: Dieter Walz (Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH), Thomas Wasel, Matthias Wasel (Wasel GmbH), Erich Schneider (Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH).

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Managing Directors Matthias and Thomas Wasel travelled to the Liebherr Plant in Ehingen to personally take delivery of the new cranes. Matthias Wasel explained: “The Liebherr 100-tonne cranes are still important machines in our fleet because they are flexible. But the new LTM 1110-5.1 delivers a range of additional benefits. The fact that the 5-axle crane can be driven on public roads with a gross weight of 48 tonnes and an axle load of 10 tonnes makes it even more flexible than the previous cranes”.

“The new cranes are also more economical to drive as a crane with a gross weight of 60 tonnes requires a BF3 escort. The simpler BF2 escort is sufficient for more lightweight cranes. As comparatively little additional ballast must be transported to the site for the LTM 1110-5.1, we can do the job with a standard truck, which can also act as the BF2 escort vehicle”, added Thomas Wasel in delight.

The total ballast on the LTM 1110-5.1 is 29 tonnes. With an axle load of 12 tonnes, the crane can carry up to 13.4 tonnes of counterweights. This means that the new Liebherr 110 tonne crane can carry out a whole range of jobs without requiring any additional ballast to be transported.

The 60 metre telescopic boom was an important criterion for Wasel. “That is 8 metres longer than on the LTM 1100-5.2. We plan to use the new LTM 1110-5.1 to erect smaller top and bottom-slewing construction cranes and for maintenance work in the petrochemicals industry. The boom length is extremely important for this work”, said Matthias Wasel.

Wasel attaches great value to keeping its fleet state of the art at all times – in addition to more LTM 1110-5.1 models, the company has also placed orders for the new LTM 1120-4.1 and LTM 1650-8.1 cranes and an LR 11000 crawler crane.

Matthias Wasel explained: “Liebherr has reacted to the challenges faced by the industry. Innovative technologies take us forwards, increase our efficiency and ultimately reduce costs. Our customers also attach value to the latest crane technology. Another positive feature is that Liebherr also installs new technologies in crane types which have been on the market for several years, for example its variable support system. A great deal has also been done for crane operators”.

“The company’s reliable service is another factor in favour of Liebherr. The branch in Oberhausen is available to us around the clock. There are very few problems that the team there cannot deal with”, added Thomas Wasel.

Wasel employs more than 400 people and runs around 140 Liebherr mobile and crawler cranes. The customer focuses on providing hoisting and transport services. The company is also a Liebherr dealer for tower cranes and operates over 400 Liebherr tower cranes itself.


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