News | 07/28/2023 Fleet renewal: new Liebherr mobile construction cranes for Munich crane rental company

  • Treffler Autokrane München starts its fleet renewal with MK 140
  • Five-axle mobile construction crane impresses with high flexibility and reach
  • Addition from Liebherr planned: MK 88-4.1, MK 140 and MK 140-5.1 to replace existing units

The Munich-based crane company Treffler will be relying on a renewed MK fleet in the future. The first of these will be a new MK 140, which will be in use from June.

Both crane driver and branch manager are pleased with the new Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane. From left to right: Jens Slsadfj, Volker ladsjfö, Matthias Bulisch (all Treffler) and Peter Hofmann (Liebherr).

Step by step, Treffler is replacing its fleet of Liebherr mobile construction cranes with new-generation equipment. The first is an MK 140, two MK 88-4.1 and an MK 140-5.1 are to follow. With the two five-axle cranes and the two four-axle cranes, the company is responding to the growing demand for mobile construction cranes. Until now, the crane rental company had one three-axle, one four-axle and one five-axle crane in the fleet.

"I really like renting out the equipment because it is so flexible and quick to use," says Matthias Bulisch, Treffler's branch manager, adding, "Besides, MK cranes already have a long history at Treffler. We were among the first to have these machines in use." The company has been offering crane services since 1978, and Liebherr mobile construction cranes have been part of the product portfolio since 2008.

In addition to the regional market around Munich and Ingolstadt, Treffler also serves construction sites throughout Germany with its fleet of mobile construction cranes. The crane rental company has been part of the Maxikraft Group of Companies based in Züllsdorf/Herzberg in Brandenburg since 2019.

Most powerful crane in the MK series

The five-axle MK 140 can lift a maximum of eight tonnes, and it can manage 1,900 kilograms at the tip with an outreach of up to 65 metres. This makes it the strongest Liebherr mobile construction crane. It is the only crane in the MK series available with the "VarioJib" function. This allows the crane to operate either in trolley mode for high handling performance or in luffing mode for particularly large hook heights of up to 94 metres.

Mobile construction cranes from Liebherr are characterised by their taxi crane concept: They can serve several construction sites in one day and are delivered in one transport unit. The crane can be erected, operated and driven by a single person.

Working emission-free

The crane operates electrically with a hybrid power supply, the "Hybrid Power Concept": If on-site electricity is available, the crane can be operated without noise or emissions, a decisive operational factor especially on inner-city construction sites. The crane is driven to the construction site by a drive motor that is switched off when the crane is in operation. If no electricity is available on site, a diesel generator takes over.