News | 04/05/2019 First project runs parallel to launch at Bauma

Three brand-new EC-B cranes are building a residential complex in the Munich trade fair town of Riem.

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The six-storey timber construction will house around 160 apartments, communal and commercial space, a roof garden and its own underground car park in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition centre. Factors such as the size of the structure and the reliability of Liebherr tower cranes contributed to the building contractor Xaver Riebel Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co.KG deciding in favour of the three new EC-B cranes from crane leasing company BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH. In addition, these new top-slewing cranes have a particularly small footprint and hoist performance can easily be reduced by up to 50 percent – a big advantage for this inner-city operation.

The three “Tough Ones” from Liebherr’s new EC-B series will carry out all of the structural work. With a maximum reach of 78 metres and a maximum load capacity of 12 or 16 tonnes, these tower cranes are predestined for jobs like this. The first crane, with a hook height of 34 metres and a 50-metre jib, has been in operation since early March. The fact that it can still lift over seven tonnes at the jib head at 50 metres is a decisive advantage for this project – as is the crane’s small footprint thanks to a cruciform base of 4.5 x 4.5 metres.

Assembly of the first crane went smoothly – and thanks to the optimised pin connections it was also easier and safer compared to previous models. The erection engineers were especially impressed with the new, patented LiConnect jib connectors on the slewing platform. Due to a storm, the assembly of the two other cranes had to be postponed for a couple of days, because the safety of both man and machine comes first for the crane rental company. These two Liebherr tower cranes, with their 44 or 34-metre hook height and 50 or 34.7-metre radius are now in action on the construction site. All three cranes are expected to be in operation until the end of the year.

The three stylish new cranes have also proven to be the right choice as the Munich-based company has to contend with low power supplies: Hoist unit performance was easily reduced by 30 and 50 percent to suit this project. Jörg Hegestweiler, Managing Director of the 300-strong crane rental company BKL, is more than satisfied, “The 340 EC-B is our answer to the ever-increasing demand from the construction industry for flat-top construction cranes with an increased lifting capacity. With these new innovations, Liebherr has managed to surprise us yet again at BKL – and in a very positive sense. We’re impressed.”