News | 07/07/2014 First operation of the LR 11000 crawler crane a complete success

An LR 1750 crawler crane was used at the foot of the column to raise and control the column.

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Almost there - the 335-tonne column at the assembly site

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A Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane was in operation for the first time. One of the first models of the new 1000-tonne crane was transported to the Petrom refinery in Plojesti, near the Romanian capital Bucharest. In the course of the modernisation of the plant, several columns had to be hoisted into the existing system. The largest of the massive steel cylinders measured 58 metres in length with a 4-metre diameter and weighed in at 335 tonnes. It was a tricky job for the specialists from heavy load contractor Felbermayr based in Austria since the work had to be carried out with the plant running and in extremely constricted conditions.

Existing system parts drastically reduced the usage radius of the LR 11000. Above all pipe bridges and tanks made life difficult for crane driver Stephan Kraus and his team. A working area of just around 35 by 35 metres was available for the crane. The erection of the lattice boom and luffing jib also proved to be very difficult. A narrow alley, just 5 metres wide had to suffice for this job.

Felbermayr’s project planner Klaus Ruhland was delighted with the new crawler crane. "Hoist capacity, handling, construction - it's just fantastic. Liebherr has really built a brilliant crane here!"