News | 12/23/2014 First delivery: Liebherr-Aerospace on Board the Airbus A350 XWB

(© Airbus S.A.S. 2014 – photo by master films / P. Pigeyre) The A350 XWB takes off and lands on the nose landing gear developed and manufactured by Liebherr-Aerospace.

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The nose landing gear, the slat actuation system as well as several flap actuation key components have been designed, developed and manufactured by Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg (Germany). They feature the latest technology for the next generation of long-range aircraft – such as advanced lightweight materials and coatings as well as high-level integration of power electronics together with precision mechanics and high-pressure hydraulics.

Liebherr-Aerospace will provide full life cycle support for its components and systems on board the A350 XWB. Especially for entry into service situations, the company offers training sessions to familiarize and prepare the aircraft operator’s maintenance personnel and its global field service network.