News | 01/20/2017 Ensuring Service Quality worldwide: The Liebherr Mining Service Excellence Program

Liebherr-Russland OOO Khabarovsk branch team successfully passed the Customer Support assessment

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The continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and customer service are key strategic objectives of Liebherr Mining. The Service Excellence Program, launched in 2014, is a systematic approach to achieve the highest standards in Customer Service, applied consistently across the Mining Division. It covers the Customer Service in its whole: Customer Support, Remanufacturing and Parts Business.

The program is based on best practices initiated by affiliates and dealers. Those are documented in the Service Guide, an online library of best practices, guidelines and information useful for any organization that supports Liebherr Mining machines.

Every service partner is being evaluated regularly by the assessment team using detailed scorecards. Following each assessment a score is given, defining the level of excellence of the service partner, with a Service Excellence Award going from one to three stars. At that occasion the service partner will also evaluate the support received from factories. Each assessment leads to the definition of actions for both the factories and the service partner, aiming to improve the identified areas.

The Service Excellence Program has now been deployed within most mining affiliates, including Liebherr-Export dealers active in mining. The assessment program for component remanufacturing was already started several years ago and is in place at all Liebherr mining reman centers.

So what does the Service Excellence Program mean to the customers? “Wherever our customers operate they will find the highest standards of Service, Personnel and Processes, direct from Liebherr”, said Fabrice Gresser, General Manager - Customer Support from Liebherr Mining Equipment SAS.