News | 07/15/2020 eLIROM: Liebherr-Aerospace’s 4.0 Repair Order Management

Liebherr-Aerospace is taking the leap into the current digital age.

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Liebherr-Aerospace has developed and implemented the proprietary eLIROM software for its service center network. The software is dedicated to processing all repair activities from the incoming inspection to the final acceptance test. With this new software, the company is creating a new level of standard, which has the potential to increase process efficiency by 30 % as a result of effort minimization during work scope selection, when ordering parts, during documen-tation of work performed and in many other process steps.

The fully digitalized workflow follows the approach of “paperless shop”. It empowers Liebherr-Aerospace shop personnel to make use of digital data during shop floor management and illustrates them in various visual management applications. eLIROM supports in collecting as well as analyzing MRO activities in each Liebherr-Aerospace service center across the whole network - all of this in real-time. This newly gained transparency allows both the identification and exchange of best process practices. Benchmarks can be set to provide the customers with more time- and cost-efficient MRO services.