News | 11/06/2019 Electronics on the test bench

In this EMC chamber electronic parts are tested for electromagnetic compatibility with an antenna.

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Over the course of their lifespan, electrical parts are exposed to a wide range of external influences. The experts at the Liebherr Test Centre for Electronics in Lindau, Germany use state-of-the-art testing and monitoring equipment to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

Liebherr Electronics is the centre of excellence for all electronic parts produced within the Liebherr Group. At this site, electronic control units and power electronics are developed and produced, that are used in all kinds of Liebherr products and technologies. “These electronic parts must undergo rigorous testing both during the development stage and before they are approved for batch production”, explains Christian Nuber, the head of the testing lab.

The electronics experts have various test methods available for this purpose: Parts are tested for electromagnetic compatibility inside an EMC chamber. The salt-spray chamber uses salt water to replicate the conditions found, for example, on offshore platforms at sea. In addition to testing resistance to these usual external influences, individual tests in accordance with international standards can also be conducted at the Test Centre.

These competencies are not only available internally to all Liebherr companies, but since 2012 they are also offered to external customers.

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