News | 10/02/2019 Electric material handler in Finnish pulp factory exceeds 50,000 operating hours

50,000 operating hours and still fully operational: The Liebherr material handler ER 954 C High Rise Litronic in the UPM pulp factory in Pietarsaari, Finland.

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The Liebherr material handler has been working practically non-stop for a good 6 years, on average 21 hours 45 minutes a day. The material handler has already processed a total of approx. 20 million cubic metres of wood, which is equivalent to roughly 4 million work cycles.

The operating weight of the ER 954 C High Rise is 97,000 kg. The electric material handler is equipped with a 250 kW electric motor for the regular continuous work. With the electric drive Liebherr offers an economically interesting alternative to the conventional drive machines and also an environmentally friendly solution. The material handler is also always available as no refuelling is required.

Service-oriented machine assembly

There are weekly and annual inspection works in the factory's wood processing. These production interruptions are used for maintenance work on the various machines. Because without competent, proactive and careful maintenance, this high utilisation rate would not be possible. Thanks to the service-oriented machine assembly of the Liebherr material handler ER 954 C High Rise, all maintenance areas are convenient and safe to access. Service work can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Another Liebherr material handler now follows by conviction

If we take a closer look at the current machine condition of the electric material handler, there's nothing standing in the way of another 10,000 operating hours. This is expected to be achieved in autumn 2020. As the UPM pulp factory is very satisfied, the company once again invested in a Liebherr material handler – another ER 954 C High Rise Litronic.