Press releases | 11/09/2017 Ehlert & Söhne hit new heights with the Liebherr R 960 Demolition crawler excavator

  • Thanks to its long reach, the R 960 Demolition can operate at a height of 33 m
  • The Hamburg-based company is now able to get involved in major demolition projects in the industry
  • The LDC system makes the machine safer on the construction site

The Hamburg-based company Ehlert & Söhne was in search of a demolition excavator with a particularly high operating height in order to get involved in some of the biggest demolition projects in the industry. In the end the quality, robustness and profitability of the Liebherr R 960 Demolition crawler excavator won the company over.

The fleet of Ehlert & Söhne includes several 22 to 60 t crawler excavators, one 22 t wheeled excavator, as well as different wheel loaders with capacity of 3 m3. To increase its versatility the company was looking for a powerful high-reach demolition excavator.

With the new R 960 Demolition, Ehlert and Söhne can now reach for the sky and assist on major demolition projects in urban areas.

Last April Ehlert and Söhne was commissioned with the demolition of a seven-floor building in Ballindamm in the heart of Hamburg. The company deployed a Liebherr R 960 Demolition crawler excavator for this big project. The R 960 Demolition accomplished its tasks to the full over several intense days. After more than 1000 operating hours, Ehlert & Söhne was impressed by the robustness of this 90 tonne machine.

The performance of the Liebherr R 960 Demolition crawler excavator

The Liebherr R 960 Demolition crawler excavator has an operating weight of approximately 90 t and a 250 kW / 340 hp engine that complies with the Stage IV exhaust emissions standard. Average fuel consumption is between 27 and 30 litres per hour.

The Liebherr R 960 Demolition crawler excavator, successor to the R 954 C Demolition, can reach operating heights of 33 m and stands out with its tool weight of 3.5 t for higher cutting and breaking forces.

On the basic machine the attachment and removal of equipment and tools is fast and simple. The 360° range with the same stability and reach of the machine also provides a competitive edge over other demolition excavators allowing the rapid removal of demolition material from the working area.

A Liebherr-France SAS design

Liebherr France SAS in Colmar, Alsace (France) is the historical production site of Liebherr crawler excavators from 18 to 100 tonnes. With over 50 years of experience in the field, Liebherr-France SAS was able to offer the adapted solution for Ehlert and Söhne.

This demolition excavator has the Liebherr Demolition Control (LDC) system, which received innovation awards at the Intermat trade fair in Paris in 2015. This innovative system shows the operator the position of the demolition attachment and also guarantees the stability of the excavator.

This significantly reduces the probability of human error that may affect the stability of the machine. The colour touchscreen visualises the real-time position of the attachment and the inclination of the machine. The operator is informed in real time of authorised movements.

The R 960 Demolition crawler excavator also has a water spraying device, a hydraulic removable counterweight to reduce the weight during transportation, a compressed air system and a retractable undercarriage. Moreover, the cab can be tilted at 30° offering the driver improved visibility of the working area and implements.

The two operators are equally satisfied with the machine, its comfort, stability, sensitivity and the low level of noise when in use. The seat can be adjusted to individual requirements whereas the controls and displays are in perfect harmony with the ergonomics of the machine.

Ehlert and Söhne: Involved in major engineering projects in Hamburg

Founded in 1907, Ehlert & Söhne is active in the field of demolition. The Hamburg-based company has over 90 employees and achieves an annual sales revenue of approximately 15 million Euro.

Ehlert & Söhne is regularly involved in major projects, such as the "Kaiserspeicher A", which is now home to the Elb Philharmonic Orchestra in Hamburg.

Ehlert & Söhne has had Liebherr machines in its fleet for 25 years now: two R 941 crawler excavators and one A 901 wheeled excavator were the first models in the fleet. The acquisition of the R 960 Demolition marks a new milestone in this historic partnership.