Press releases | 09/01/2016 ECD purchases Liebherr R 918 crawler excavator for demolition work

  • ECD expands fleet with third Liebherr crawler excavator
  • R 918 crawler excavator configured for demolition work
  • Compact transport dimensions allow productivity on restricted construction sites

ECD (Etude Conseil Démolition) recently invested in a new Liebherr R 918 crawler excavator specifically for demolition work. In addition to a R 924 and a R 944 C, with the R 918 the company now operates three Liebherr crawler excavators. The compact transport dimensions ensure flexibility and increase productivity on urban construction sites.

The French demolition company Etude Conseil Démolition (ECD) works mainly in the city of Paris and therefore needs a compact machine which is easy to transport for demolition work on inner city construction sites. With a width of only 2.5m the Liebherr R 918 crawler excavator can be moved easily from one job-site to another without the need for special transport, a huge advantage for a company which works on several construction sites simultaneously. The R 918 is the 3rd Liebherr excavator in the fleet at ECD who once again have invested in the know-how and expertise of Liebherr.

The R 918 crawler excavator comes from the standard model series and was configured by Liebherr-France SAS to the customer's requirements. "Liebherr really listened to what we wanted and adapted the excavator to our specific requirements", explains Etienne Dadou, President of the demolition company. The company adapted the R 918 to the particular demolition requirements right down to the very last detail. Liebherr was the only manufacturer able to implement the option to equip the excavator with a straight boom. A working height increase of 1.30m can be reached with this solution - which is roughly half a floor-height.

R 918 crawler excavator for demolition work

The Liebherr R 918 crawler excavator with an operating weight of approx. 21 tonnes is equipped with a Liebherr diesel engine with a power rating of 95kW / 129 HP and satisfies the emission standards of stage IIIB. It boasts a straight monoblock boom of 5.45m and a stick of 2.70m, a NLC travel mechanism with track gauge of 2000mm, B60 chains with triple grouser track pads of 500mm, and a heavy counterweight (2.5t) for a high degree of stability. For work in dusty environments a water spraying system and an air pre-filter with dust discharge are available. The excavator is also equipped with a reversible fan drive and a dust grid at the cooler.

In order to increase the service life of the components, the Liebherr R 918 crawler excavator has protective devices. Theseinclude various protectors on the uppercarriage, a swivel-mounted protective grid, fixtures for protecting the stick and the piston rod, as well as a reinforcement of the travel mechanism.

Special equipment, such as the FOPS protective grid, the ROPS cabin design, as well as an armoured windscreen and roof, guarantee the driver's safety. The rear area monitoring and the lateral camera ensure additional safety. They give the driver an superb view of the working area and an overview of the surrounding area of the machine.

ECD (Etude Conseil Démolition)

Etude Conseil Démolition (ECD), with its head office in Louvres (Ile de France) was founded in 1966 as a planning office and has been involved in the demolition industry since 2000. Three years ago Etienne Dadou took over the Parisian-based company, which currently has 21 employees.