News | 05/28/2019 Drilling for the Environment: so the Cycle Doesn’t Collapse

The upgrading of the waste water treatment plant “El Salitre” in Bogotá pursues an environmental concept: to reduce the pollution of the Río Bogotá and sensibly reuse the treated water. Liebherr contributes to this project in that the LRB 355 is carrying out the deep foundation work.

Serving the environment: Botero Ingenieros applies the LRB 355 for the expansion of El Salitre.

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The LRB 355 is installing 1,879 foundation piles using full displacement drilling equipment. In the course of the whole project it will drill a total of 62,000 metres into the deep. The piles have a diameter of 600 mm and reach depths between 31 and 36 m. Due to the impressive performance of the Liebherr machine, Botero Ingenieros can complete the work in only 8 months. Construction started in March 2018.

Following treatment in El Salitre, the water flows into the Río Bogotá. After the development is completed, the contamination can be reduced to a level that can be managed by the river itself. Due to the reduced contamination, the water can be sensibly reused in future, e.g. for grazing animals or agricultural purposes.