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Within the mining industry, Liebherr has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality equipment that delivers excellent onsite performance and reliability. However, for customers to achieve optimal results with their Liebherr machines, it’s imperative that their people on the ground receive the right training to both operate and maintain this equipment. This is where people like Alexandre Pontes come in.

Alexandre Pontes shares his love of learning every day in his role as a senior training instructor for Liebherr Chile.

Alexandre Pontes is a senior training instructor at Liebherr Chile, specialising in Liebherr’s range of mining excavators. It’s his responsibility to design the training programs so Liebherr employees and customers alike can understand how to get the most out of these machines. In fact, Pontes is often called upon to accompany sales personnel to customers’ mine sites to explain how investing in training for employees can help improve productivity and efficiency in the pit.

“When customers keep their team updated with the correct information, they can see improvements in their production targets,” says Pontes.

A storied history with Liebherr Mining

Pontes has held a number of different roles with Liebherr in his more than 23 years with the business.

“I started my career with Liebherr in 2000 as an apprentice at Liebherr Brazil,” says Pontes. “When I finished two years later, I was excited to move into roles where I worked directly with Liebherr equipment.”

Over the course of the next ten years, Pontes worked as a mechanical technician in Liebherr’s earthmoving product segment and then as a quality inspector for Liebherr Mining. These positions gave him hands-on experience with Liebherr machinery that he took with him into his first training role with Liebherr Brazil in 2011.

“Working with our machines so closely gave me the chance to not only better understand our products but also to learn about the behind-the-scenes processes and interdepartmental cooperation needed to keep our machines running for our customers,” explains Pontes. “Which is all incredibly invaluable in my role as a training instructor!”

Never stop learning

Pontes joined the Liebherr Chile team as a senior training instructor in May 2020, where he continues to thrive today. In this role, Pontes is often presented with opportunities to expand his excavator expertise, something that speaks to his great love of learning.

“I like learning and understanding all things engineering and how our machines’ systems work,” Pontes says. “Liebherr is passionate about training its instructors so they have the knowledge ready at any time to help internal and external customers.”

Moving from Brazil to Chile also presented Pontes with more opportunities to learn.

“In my free time I like to learn a little more about Chilean culture and I have a lot of interest in building my own motor home,” enthuses Pontes.

Support from all over the world

Although being a training instructor can seem quite solitary from the outside, Pontes is adamant that an instructor’s success comes from committed teamwork.

“Behind every instructor is a team that help you to do your job confidently and to the best of your ability,” says Pontes.

This team consists of Liebherr training instructors from all over the world as well as subject matter experts from R&D, field service, and reliability engineering. They are quick to assist when more nuanced and technical questions arise during a training session.

Pontes also has a pretty substantial following on social media! Pontes’ pride in his work has helped him build a rather large following on LinkedIn. He routinely shares Liebherr news, innovations, and achievements with his more than 2,500 followers!

“In my role, I have had the chance to meet many people and create this audience. I believe good communication, trust, and good practice have gone a long way in helping me build my online community,” explains Pontes.

Looking forward

In the name of continuous improvement, Pontes began his training certification for Liebherr’s largest haul truck – the T 284 – in 2023. He is currently able to take customers and Liebherr technicians through basic maintenance training for this ultra-class machine. However, this year he will complete his certification through to the highest level.

Pontes has also been invited to work on some upcoming overseas projects.

“I believe that you can find a lot of opportunities at Liebherr. The company gives employees the chance to take part in various training, career development, and apprenticeship programs. You must always be looking for the opportunities that are right for you,” says Pontes.


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