Press releases | 12/15/2016 Deployment of five Liebherr R 918 crawler excavators at the port of Ravenna

  • R 918 crawler excavators used for material handling and piling up cargo
  • Liebherr R 918 crawler excavators are specially adapted to the customer's requirements
  • With an operating weight of roughly 20 tonnes, the R 918 excavators deliver 95 kW / 129 HP

In the port area of the Italian town of Ravenna, "Compagnia Portuale di Ravenna" (Ravenna port company) uses around forty machines. These machines include five Liebherr R 918 crawler excavators which are deployed in the cargo areas of freight ships for restacking bulk cargo. They do the ground work for the port crane which unloads the freight quickly and efficiently with a grab.

The Liebherr R 918 crawler excavators were developed and manufactured at Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar (France). They have an operating weight of approx. 18 tonnes and are equipped with a 95 kW / 129 HP Liebherr diesel engine which satisfies the emission standards Stage IIIB.

Custom-built for the customer

The crawler excavators operate in the holds of freight ships where they are responsible for restacking bulk cargo into the corners. The accumulated bulk cargo is then picked up by a port crane using a grab.

For this special application the machines were equipped with three lifting points: two on the uppercarriage and one on the arm. The arms also have cylinder guards and there is a special beam on the boom to guarantee efficient and safe working. In addition, the Liebherr R 918 crawler excavators have impact-resistant glass, a rollover bar for the cab, as well as clearly visible rotating beacons on the cab. This ensures that the crane operator can determine the exact position of the excavator in the cargo hold, even when it is very dusty.

"Compagnia Portuale di Ravenna"

The Ravenna port company "Compagnia Portuale" was founded in 1929 and right from the start was active in the whole harbour area of Ravenna. The company's main tasks include loading and unloading cargo, as well as material handling. The company group currently employs around 600 staff.

In 1985 the port company purchased its first Liebherr machines. At that time it was a LT 1200 S telescopic crane and a LG 1280 mobile crane.