Press releases | 02/21/2020 Decision for the performance, low fuel consumption and comfort: Rokemann buys Liebherr R 924 G8 crawler excavator

  • Decision based on performance and versatility
  • A cost-effective machine and a comfortable working environment
  • The family company Rokemann: serving customers for over 20 years

"With its great versatility and optimal performance, the R 924 G8 fully meets our requirements", says Maxime Enderlin, son of the founder of Rokemann, summing up his decision for Liebherr. The Alsatian company decided on the new crawler excavator generation from Liebherr for various excavation and earthmoving jobs. The contractor is impressed by the efficiency and performance of these machines and appreciates the stability, comfort and versatility of the R 924 G8.

The R 924 belongs to the new Generation 8: with a fully revised architecture for even greater comfort, safety, ergonomics and performance.

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Rokemann needed both a high-performance and versatile machine for frequent tool changes.

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The R 924 G8 crawler excavator is equipped with a variable offset boom as well as a SLC undercarriage with 700 mm track pads for maximum stability.

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The 24-tonne excavator that the Alsatian company decided to buy belongs to the new Generation 8, which was showcased in April last year at Bauma 2019 in Munich. 7 models from 22 to 45 tonnes with fully revised architecture were put on the global market for even greater comfort, safety, ergonomics and performance. The new generation is characterised by better performance, higher productivity and enhanced safety as well as comfort for the operator.

The R 924 G8 crawler excavator: performance and versatility

Rokemann needed both a high-performance and versatile machine for earthmoving work in agriculture and forestry. The regular change of tools (backhoe bucket, digging bucket and claws) is also a requirement for these applications. Furthermore, the daily work on loose soil demands maximum stability. Also high breakout forces and large ranges are essential for efficient work, for example pulling out tree stumps. The R 924 G8 crawler excavator developed and manufactured at Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar now completes all of these tasks.

Configurations adapted to the application

The company worked in close collaboration with Liebherr’s Colmar factory, to ensure that the configuration of the R 924 G8 provides maximum working efficiency in Rokemann’s specific applications. A variable offset boom for excavating trenches allows operators to work as close as possible to the excavator. In addition, the excavator is equipped with a SLC undercarriage with 700 mm track pads, which was developed specially for the customer and their individual requirement for stability on soft ground. The integration of a GPS system for more precise work in a defined area is another advantage of this machine. In order to guarantee the robustness of the equipment, a reinforcement was fitted under the stick.

Comfort and fuel savings

Maxime Enderlin is the main operator of the R 924 G8. Apart from the power and stability of the machine, he also appreciates the comfort and quietness in the cab. The operator has a spacious and air-conditioned working area. For pleasant conditions in the day-to-day work environment, the cab is equipped with pneumatic seats with vertical and horizontal suspension, as well as a high-resolution and user-friendly 7" colour touch screen. The windscreen can also be fully lowered.

The reduced fuel consumption from 17 to 13 l/h between the last R 924 with stage IIIB and this new stage V further enhances the satisfaction of the company.

About Rokemann

Roland Enderlin founded the company Rokemann in April 1999 in his home town of Muespach-le-Haut in Sundgau (Haut-Rhin, Alsace). The company quickly outgrew its site and as such relocated to a larger space in Waldighoffen to accommodate its expansion plans. Rokemann celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. It has 7 employees, including Roland’s wife and two sons, and is mainly involved in the area of agricultural excavation work such as overland and forestry routes. Rokemann has had Liebherr crawler excavators since 2000, the first was an R 904.

In 2018 a Liebherr A 910 Compact wheeled excavator was also purchased. Full maintenance contracts are in place for all machines for regular and simple servicing.


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