Press releases | 03/04/2014 Conexpo Con/Agg 2014: New Generation of Liebherr Midsize and Large Wheel Loaders

Liebherr is presenting its new generation of midsize and large wheel loaders during the 2014 Conexpo Con/Agg show in Las Vegas (USA). Exhibits include an L 542 recycling build, an L 556 standard build and an L 580 Industrial/ forestry build.

L 542: Ideal for recycling and waste handling

The L 542 Tier 4i / stage IIIB exhibited at Conexpo Con/Agg 2014 achieves a tipping load of 19,070 lb (8,650 kg) at an operating weight of 36,600 lb (16,600 kg). The machine is equipped with a 3.3 yd3 (2.5 m³) bucket with hydraulic clamp designed especially for waste handling. The machine is driven by a 161 HP (l) / 120 kW diesel engine.

This wheel loader includes, among other features, a Top Air pre-cleaner, reversible fan drive, fluff trap and a large-mesh radiator. The machine is also equipped with tilt cylinder protection, chassis protection as well as a front windshield guard.

The new generation of midsize loaders has been further optimized for increased efficiency and safety. This has led to improved performance and stability, and higher power hydraulic ratings and engine output. The diesel engine on these machines has been rotated 90°, which allows ground-level access to all maintenance points.

L 556: Maintenance made easy

The L 556 with Z-bar linkage for standard operations on display achieves a tipping load of 29,870 lb (13,550 kg) at an operating weight of 39,460 lb (17,900 kg). The machine is equipped with a 4.7 yd3 (3.6 m³) bucket and is driven by a 188 HP (l) / 140 kW diesel engine.

The engine compartment on the L 550 and L 556 has been redesigned so that the diesel engine is installed transversely, which is a unique configuration in this class. This gives both machines an even more compact layout, and makes all of the principal maintenance points accessible from ground level. The panoramic windshield makes for excellent all-round visibility. These new-generation machines have an optimized tipping load limit that further improves productivity and stability.

L 580: Increased force in the upper lifting area

The L 580 with industrial lift arms on display achieves a tipping load of 29,125 lb (13,210 kg) at an operating weight of 61,685 lb (27,980 kg). The machine is equipped with a 17 yd3 (13 m³) high-dump light material bucket.

The industrial lift arms are designed to provide exceptionally high lift momentum, retaining power in the upper part of the lifting range. The precise parallel movement over the entire lifting range increases operational safety, as manual correction by the operator is not necessary.

Cleaning and servicing are easier than ever before on the new Tier 4i / stage IIIB generation wheel loaders. The operator can reach the maintenance points for the main components from ground level. For more efficient cleaning and maintenance, the radiator assembly is installed directly behind the cab where air with low dust content can be drawn in.

Intuitive, single lever control for safe operation

An optional control lever with an additional miniature joystick is available for Liebherr’s new Tier 4i / stage IIIB generation wheel loaders. This is especially useful for industrial tasks when hydraulic attachments such as high dump buckets require several working movements to be performed simultaneously. With the aid of the additional mini-joystick, the operator can control two additional hydraulic functions easily and safely. This provides accurate, sensitive and safe operation for all working and travel functions, since the operator’s left hand can remain on the steering wheel at all times.


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