Press releases | 05/30/2017 Component solutions by Liebherr at CTT 2017

The components division of the Liebherr Group offers a wide range of solutions in the area of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic drive and control technology. At this year's CTT, the main focus lies on its competence in the area of the development and manufacture of diesel and gas engines.

Liebherr V12 diesel engine D9512.

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This is demonstrated at the exhibition stand on the example of a V12 diesel engine, D9512, with the power output of 750kW. The engine is ideal for application in the construction industry and agriculture, as well as in the mining sector.

Liebherr relies on its many years of experience in the development and production of diesel and gas engines. Currently, the product portfolio of diesel engines comprises eleven different engines ranging in performance from 130kW to 2,500kW. From the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder in-line engines to the 12-cylinder and even 20-cylinder V-engines, a broad performance and torque spectrum is covered. Other engines, which extend the portfolio upwards, are currently being developed. In 2016, with the D96XX and D98XX Liebherr presented two new diesel V-engine series in the upper power-output category from 1,000 kW to 4,500kW. The series production of the two new engine generations has already been started. Based on the D9620 diesel engine, Liebherr is also developing a gas engine for stationary applications with a power output of 1,070kW.

The engines and the respective components, such as the injection system and engine control unit, are manufactured at Liebherr's own production sites in Colmar (France), Bulle (Switzerland), Lindau and Deggendorf (Germany). Thanks to the high level of vertical integration, all components are perfectly matched to each other. An example of this is the second generation of the common rail system 11.2, which is designed in a new installation version as a top feed system. This makes other options for the positioning of the rail, as well as of the pressure lines possible, thus offering the customer more flexibility for the system integration.


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