Press releases | 09/14/2016 Compact Liebherr hydraulic excavators at GaLaBau 2016 – Extremely flexible and productive

  • Compact design – Powerful drive
  • Première: A 910 Compact compliant with exhaust emissions stage IV / tier 4f
  • Productivity and flexibility on restricted construction sites such as in horticulture and landscaping

Liebherr presents two hydraulic excavators from the compact series at GaLaBau 2016. The new A 910 Compact Litronic wheeled excavator, which meets the requirements of exhaust emissions stage IV / tier 4f, and the R 914 Compact Litronic crawler excavator with stage IIIB engine, are the ideal companions on construction sites with restricted dimensions. The compact hydraulic excavators impress primarily in horticulture and landscaping, as well as in inner city areas, thanks to their productivity and high level of flexibility.

The compact Liebherr hydraulic excavators show how practical and diverse they are in daily operations. The tight spatial conditions of the construction sites are some of the biggest challenges facing machine operators when constructing outdoor facilities of public buildings or in gardens. With the short tail swing, the short-tail excavators can be used flexibly in classic excavation work, uncovering existing structural elements, modelling banks, compressing materials, as well as all other horticulture and landscaping activities.

The new A 910 Compact

Liebherr showcases the A 910 Compact wheeled excavator, which complies with the requirements of exhaust emissions stage IV, for the first time at GaLaBau. The A 910 Compact Litronic is the smallest representative of the compact wheeled excavators from Liebherr with an operating weight between 11,800kg and 12,800kg. Thanks to the short tail swing of only 1600 mm and the simultaneously high digging forces, it offers additional application possibilities especially in restricted situations.

Powerful and efficient

The requirements of exhaust emissions stage IV are satisfied in the A 910 Compact with the combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst and a SCR system. Despite the significant reduction of the emissions to help protect the environment, the engine power was increased by 10kW. With the 85kW / 116HP engine the machine achieves a higher performance and driving distance with high fuel efficiency at the same time. The quick removal of material also in hard soil and the shorter travel times lead to maximum productivity and ultimately to a reduction in operating costs. As the engine already reaches its maximum output at low speeds, the components are protected, thus ensuring a long service life.

Safe and comfortable at the same time

With the largest cab in its machine class, the A 910 Compact also offers the perfect environment where the machine operator can work comfortably and productively and with maximum concentration. A foldable armrest is included in the standard equipment, which offers the machine operator enhanced safety when getting in and out of the excavator. The standard rear-view and lateral cameras also increase safety on the construction site, as they give the machine operator an optimal view at all times.

The simple and intuitive operation further facilitates day-to-day operations. The operation of the excavator support via the proportional controls at the joystick levers offers greater comfort. When moving the machine the machine operator does not need to change his grip and can complete levelling works tactfully and precisely. Liebherr now also offers the new automatic working brake as an option. The service brake is opened automatically upon startup and closes again automatically when the accelerator pedal is released. This ensures maximum safety and high productivity owing to shorter response times.

Customised machine configuration

Standard equipment on the A 910 Compact includes an offset boom with an overall length of 4.00m and 1.85m long dipper stick. With the optional fully-automatic LIKUFIX quick coupler system, only a few seconds are needed to detach or attach mechanical and hydraulic tool attachments/implements, without having to leave the cab. In combination with Liebherr’s successful range of tool attachments/implements, for example "Productive" buckets, productivity gains as high as 30% can be achieved. Various supports can be specified for the A 910 Compact, to suit customers' individual needs. The undercarriage can have a single or divided blade or support pads at the back. A support blade at the front is another option that increases the load bearing capacity and operating flexibility of this compact wheeled excavator even further.

Optimal service accessibility

The large engine hood in the A 910 Compact opens along the entire right side of the machine to give quick, convenient access to all servicing points. Daily routine maintenance can therefore be carried out from ground level. To simplify the cleaning of the radiator, which is of generous size, the powerful cooling fan is simply folded out to the front. To ensure that the hydraulic oil can be used for an extended period without contamination by metal particles, there is a magnetic rod in the hydraulic oil tank to trap them; it can easily be cleaned when necessary.

The R 914 Compact

The R 914 Compact showcased at GaLaBau is the smallest machine from Liebherr's range of compact crawler excavators. With a tail swing of 1550mm it can be used flexibly on small-sized construction sites and despite its compact dimensions is characterised by power, speed and precision. Equipped with a 80kW / 109HP Deutz diesel engine which complies with stage IIIB, the R 914 Compact reaches high digging and breakout forces thanks to the intelligent uppercarriage design in conjunction with the robust undercarriage. The machine driver is thus able to complete demanding and complicated tasks in minimal time. In addition to the high productivity, the machine impresses with its excellent efficiency.

The comfortable and spacious cab with the foldable console and intuitive operation offers the perfect conditions for productive work with maximum concentration.

The clever maintenance concept for minimal downtimes and thus maximum productivity rounds off the positive overall impression of the R 914 Compact.