Press releases | 09/14/2016 Compact and Stereo Loader: Liebherr showcases practical wheel loaders for diverse applications at GaLaBau 2016

  • Liebherr presents L 506 Compact and L 507 Stereo at GaLaBau 2016
  • Compact and Stereo Loaders increase productivity with their flexibility and manoeuvrability
  • Practical transport options and various tool attachments/implements maximise the machine availability

At GaLaBau 2016 Liebherr showcases two models from the small wheel loader range: the L 506 Compact Loader and the L 507 Stereo Loader. Liebherr Compact and Stereo Loaders are used where large machines have reached their limits. Whether it is horticulture and landscaping, work in the inner city or clearing snow: numerous tool attachments/implements, which operators can change as required using a mechanical quick coupler, increase versatility in daily operations. The compact design makes the Liebherr Compact Loaders particularly flexible in their use and guarantees a high level of stability and resistance to tilting. The Liebherr Stereo Loaders are characterised by their unique manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Liebherr offers a total of two compact loaders and three stereo loaders.

Liebherr showcases the L 506 Compact, the smallest of the Liebherr Compact Loaders, at GaLaBau. With an operating weight of 5180kg the exhibit has a tipping load of 3450kg. The L 506 Compact is powered by an economical 46kW / 63HP Liebherr diesel engine which complies with exhaust emissions stage IIIB / tier 4f. The compact loader is equipped with a powerful Z-bar linkage and a 0.8m³ excavation bucket. Thanks to the conical shape of the linkage, the driver has an optimal view of the wheel loader equipment and the working area

The L 507 Stereo represents the Liebherr Stereo Loaders at the trade fair. The Stereo Loader has a tipping load of 3712kg and an operating weight of 5470kg. The diesel engine of the L 507 Stereo meets the requirements of exhaust emissions stage IIIB / tier 4f and has a power rating of 50kW / 68HP. The L 507 Stereo is equipped with a Z-bar linkage and a fork carrier with tines. With this equipment the Liebherr Stereo Loader can transport pallets with heavy loads, among other things.

L 506 Compact – Practical, diverse and flexible

With the Liebherr Compact Loaders safe, practical and particularly diverse construction machines are available to companies and local authorities. With the right tool attachment/implement a single machine can perform various tasks. Dumping material, excavation, backfilling, loading and unloading, transporting or levelling are just some of the possibilities. If required, the Liebherr Compact Loaders can also be used as a cleaning or clearing vehicle with fork, road sweeper or snow plough. In addition to the L 506 Compact, which is exhibited at GaLaBau, Liebherr offers another model with the L 508 Compact.

The Compact Loader’s compact design and reduced height of under two and a half metres automatically lowers its centre of gravity. This ensures maximum stability − also on uneven terrain. The well-balanced ratio of operating weight and tipping load also increases the productivity of the compact loader.

In the driver's cab of the L 506 and L 508 Compact Loaders the focus is on comfort. Clearly arranged control elements create an environment in which the driver can work productively and with maximum concentration. The high glass element of the cab, as well as the optimal arrangement of the mirrors, ensure a panoramic view when working. The machine operator can individually adapt the various control elements such as the joystick and steering to his needs. The compact loaders are easy and intuitive to operate.

Thanks to the reduced height and compact design, contractors can quickly transport the machine from one operating site to the next without any complications. This reduces the downtimes and increases the flexibility of the wheel loader. The overall height generally remains below four metres when transporting a compact loader, for example using a trailer.

L 507 Stereo – Excellent manoeuvrability ensures productivity in restricted spaces

The L 507, L 509 and L 514 models represent the range of Liebherr Stereo Loaders. They impress with their particular manoeuvrability. With the unique stereo steering – a combination of articulated steering and rear-axle steering – Liebherr Stereo Loaders achieve a turning radius up to 20 percent smaller than other wheel loaders in the same size category. There is savings potential of up to half a metre when measured over the outer edge of the equipment. This clear advantage can be the deciding factor for a project in densely populated, urban spaces. The Liebherr Stereo Loaders impress particularly in horticulture and landscaping, where machine operators often have to navigate tight curves with small radii in the outdoor areas of public buildings or gardens. The stereo steering also enables a reduction of the articulation angle to only 30 degrees. This increases both the stability and resistance to tilting, as well as the tipping load. Liebherr Stereo Loaders can therefore transport very high loads.

The Liebherr Stereo Loaders are characterised as providing intelligent solutions. A unique Liebherr feature is the oscillating centre pivot coupled with the pendulum axle. This combination reduces the maximum cab tilt angle when crossing rough surfaces by half, thus ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

The comfortable operator’s cab has safe, convenient and extremely wide access even when the loader is fully articulated. Ergonomic control elements allow the machine operator to work with minimal fatigue whilst also enhancing his safety. Irrespective of the application, the cooling system of the Stereo Loader performs its job reliably. It is installed directly behind the driver's cab at the rear part of the vehicle. This is the cleanest part of the wheel loader, where the radiator can draw in dust-free air. Numerous tool attachments/implements, which can be replaced if necessary, also increase the versatility and productivity of the Liebherr Stereo Loaders.