Press releases | 04/18/2024 Collaboration between Testo and Liebherr facilitates a more widespread use of networking solutions

In medicine and research, precision and safety are of the utmost priority. This also applies to storing sensitive substances. When combined with the cloud-based SmartMonitoring system, the Liebherr appliances designed especially to meet these requirements provide an integrated cooling solution, ensuring optimal safety and reducing the burden on the entrusted staff. The refrigeration specialists are now collaborating with Testo Solutions GmbH, an expert in measurement technology, to integrate existing appliances that have not previously been compatible with SmartMonitoring as well as appliances from other brands and even room environments into the networking solution so that customers are able to benefit from the advantages of comprehensive monitoring.

Medicines, vaccines, tissues or samples, which need refrigeration require constant and precise temperatures non-stop monitoring and supporting documentation. The strict specifications and DIN standards relating to the storage of medicines require a great deal of staff time and attention. SmartMonitoring from Liebherr significantly reduces the amount of effort involved in this: The digital, cloud-based solution ensures optimal protection of sensitive substances, allows you to prove compliance and helps to seamlessly documentat temperature data. The system precisely monitors that the temperature is kept constant on a continuous basis. And it can even do it at different sites for multiple appliances. SmartMonitoring documents the temperature and all relevant refrigeration parameters for your stored substances around the clock. If there are deviations in the storage temperature, you are immediately alerted by email, text message or phone – before problems arise.

New: Data logger from Testo Solutions expands the pool of compatible Liebherr hardware

Until now, the use of SmartMonitoring has required a Liebherr refrigerator or freezer that is connected to appropriate hardware in the form of the SmartModule or SmartCoolingHub. The new generation of Liebherr appliances that have been specially designed for medical and research applications are either pre-equipped with the SmartModule (appliances in the Perfection series) or can be retrofitted with it (appliances in the Performance series for this field) and connected via LAN or WiFi to SmartMonitoring. You can network previous models (MediLine and ULT appliances) with up to 20 appliances via the SmartCoolingHub. Liebherr appliances can also be used with existing monitoring solutions simultaneously. The SmartModule acts as a local interface for transferring measurement data to your existing monitoring system.

The collaboration between Liebherr and Testo Solutions opens up additional options to customers: Using the external data logger from Testo Solutions, appliances that previously were not compatible with SmartMonitoring or appliances from other brands can be connected. Additionally, stored products can be monitored separately, as can environmental factors such as the room temperature.

Testo Solutions offers three different data loggers: The standard online data logger reliably records temperature data and transmits it directly to the SmartMonitoring dashboard via a WiFi connection. In addition to the standard temperature sensor, the three-channel data logger features an additional temperature sensor which can be used to monitor the temperature of sensitive products, as well as a door contact sensor. To ensure safe storage at extreme temperatures, the third data logger, which is especially designed for ultra-low-temperature appliances, has a special temperature sensor for temperature ranges as low as -200 °C. This allows all cooling situations to be covered with a single solution.

The new data loggers from Testo Solutions are not only beneficial to customers in the medical and laboratory sectors – the loggers can also be used in the hotel and catering industry.


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