Press releases | 11/12/2021 CMI Energia acquires first LR 1600/2 in Honduras

  • Expanded maintenance capabilities in Central America
  • LR 1600/2 rounds up the fleet of Liebherr cranes in CMI Energia
  • Quick setup and high flexibility of the crawler crane are key points for CMI Energia's operations

Being the first Liebherr crawler crane for CMI Energia, the LR 1600/2 will play an important role for the central american energy company. Already owning a small fleet of Liebherr LTM mobile cranes, the 600 t crawler will be used for maintenace work in wind parks as well as for repowering and new installation of wind turbines in Central America.

From left to right: Roberto Flores (field technician Liebherr-Mexico), Santos del Cid (CMI Honduras), Carlos Fermin (field technician Liebherr-Mexico) at the handover of the LR 1600/2 in Honduras.

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First job: The new LR 1600/2 from CMI Energia will have its place in the wind power industry in Central America.

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The 600 t crawler crane is the new highlight in the crane fleet of CMI Energia in Honduras. Beeing tasked with maintenance, repowering and the installation of new wind turbines, the LR 1600/2 will play a major role in the further development of CMI Energia. As a crane of this class is not currently available in the region, CMI decided to invest in a used Liebherr crawler crane to ensure a quick and flexible solution for the many wind power installations.

Key arguments for the LR 1600/2

As larger cranes are needed to take over all the maintenance jobs in the existing wind farms in Honduras, but also to install new wind turbines, the decision to buy a 600 t crawler crane was not an easy one for CMI Energia. Already owning a small fleet of two LTM 1050-3.1, a LTM 1350-6.1 and a LTM 1500-8.1, the Liebherr brand was already quite familiar for CMI Energia. “Being a brand with high prestige in providing perfect solutions for the wind industry and based on our previous experiences with the Liebherr after sales in our region, we based our decision on trust and a well-established partnership”, explains Jay Gallegos, CEO, CMI Energia.

“With this type of crane, we can react quickly and efficiently to the maintenance needs of our assets in the region. This type of crane has not been not easily available to us before, and the costs to ship such a crane in for a job are very high”, Gallegos continues: “The flexibility of adapting this crane to the different needs of maneuvers with wind turbines and the robustness to safely carry out these maneuvers, even in moderate wind conditions are most important to us. Therefore we’ve opted for an used LR 1600/2, knowing about the great service and well established Liebherr people also in the used crane business”, explains Gallegos.

Ready to turn the key

Beeing well looked after by the Liebherr used crane experts, the LR 1600/2 was purchased with a SL3 boom configuration. “This is a very well established, flexible and safe configuration for wind power jobs”, explains Jens Könneker, product manager crawler cranes at the Liebherr plant in Ehingen. In addition, a derrick boom system and an extra counterweight tray was delivered to CMI Energia to allow the service of even the larger turbines in CMI’s portfolio.

Employing roughly 400 people in the Energy Business Unit, CMI Energia is one of the largest private renewable energy companies in Central America and the Caribbean. The main focus of CMI Energia is the development, operation and maintenance of renewable energy assets.


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