Press releases | 07/13/2023 Climate- and environment-friendly construction: design, materials, and energy supply

In Bodnegg, two residential buildings are currently being built in timber construction, which are largely prefabricated and produced with regional materials and energy from photovoltaic systems. The construction site is supplied with green energy via the Liduro Power Port mobile energy storage system.

The construction site of the two climate-friendly residential buildings is supplied by the Liduro Power Port mobile energy storage system.

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Commissioning of the Liduro Power Port on the construction site by Klaus Sterk, Managing Director STERK baudesign

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The construction site of the two climate-friendly residential buildings in the municipality of Bodnegg.

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Liebherr's fast-erecting crane is powered by the Liduro Power Port (LPO).

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The mobile energy storage LPO can be transported and used flexibly.

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Bodnegg (Germany), July 2023 – The STERK group, an association of companies from the construction and services sector (Bodnegg, BW), and the drive specialist Liebherr-Electronics and Drives (Biberach, BW/Lindau, BY) are jointly demonstrating that climate and environmentally friendly construction is already possible today with maximum efficiency.

Smart design and regional materials

The individual wooden houses for multi-purpose housing from the house STERK are technically created with glue- and chemical-free solid wood walls (MHM). All walls of the house achieve a high insulation value with their air inclusions and are prefabricated very far. This allows the construction to be implemented highly efficiently overall. Even recesses and grooves for heating, plumbing, electrical outlets and other installations are milled in advance by computer-controlled systems and the walls are thus delivered to the construction site ready for use. The wooden structures can then be erected within a week and the interior work can start immediately. On visiting the construction site, Patrick Söndgen, the mayor of the commissioning municipality, was also enthusiastic: "Production would be even more efficient if several construction projects were planned and ordered together!"

The individual solid wood walls consist of regional wooden boards that are layered crosswise and joined together to form a wall. Aluminum grooved pins are used only for the glue- and chemical-free connection of the various board layers. Likewise, the materials for the roof truss, insulation, facade, and wooden ceilings are sourced locally. The prefabrication facilities of the STERK abbundzentrum are supplied exclusively with electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system. The turnkey construction of the multi-purpose buildings is realized by the sister company STERK baudesign.

Green energy for prefabrication and construction site

The construction site of the multi-purpose buildings is supplied with electricity via Liebherr's battery-based Liduro Power Port (LPO) mobile energy storage system. The LPO generally enables locally emission-free operation and charging of electrified machines and thus supports the reduction of overall emissions in cities or rural regions. In this case, the storage system draws energy from the prefabrication photovoltaic system and delivers it to the construction site as needed. The timber masonry is erected using the Liebherr L1-32 fast-erecting crane. The other construction measures, e.g. interior finishing, are also supplied with energy by the LPO.

In general, it is important for the energy supply that all machines can run efficiently and with optimum performance. Especially on construction sites with limited or no access to the mains supply, this can be ensured in a climate-friendly and locally emission-free manner via an energy storage system. The Liduro Power Port can reinforce a grid connection and thus also serve the power peaks of working machines for which the grid is not designed. By using it as a supplement to the mains connection, it is also possible in principle to significantly reduce the dimensioning of a mains connection. In addition, the LPO can replace a grid connection. In this so-called "isolated grid", the mobile energy storage system is a flexible and highly efficient solution. It supplies power on demand and without surplus, i.e. with an optimal price-performance ratio. Compared to a diesel generator, which has a consistently high consumption of fossil energy regardless of its consumers, the LPO delivers power with a significantly higher efficiency and without idle phases.


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