Press releases | 09/25/2019 Canadian crane company LaPrairie calls Liebherr LRT cranes winners in their books

  • The LRT rough terrain cranes being used in long term jobs
  • Technical level and components of the Liebherr cranes crucial points
  • LaPrairie invests overall in four new LRT, one LTM 1130-5.1, one HS 8100 and three LTR cranes from Liebherr

LaPrairie group of companies, based in Western Canada, invested in nine new Liebherr machines recently. For their businesses in the construction and mining industry as well as in the oil and gas sector, especially the new Rough Terrain cranes are important add-ons to the fleet. The LRT cranes are used in long-term jobs to free the existing fleet of All-Terrain cranes for their typical taxi crane jobs. Rough Terrain cranes are usually requested by Laprairies’ customers without crane drivers. Therefore the easiness-of-use and the safety of crane and operator were some of the decisive arguments during the selection process for the Rough Terrain Cranes.

One of the new winners in the books of LaPrairie crane in Western Canada, the LRT 1090-2.1 rough terrain crane from Liebherr.

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The new rough terrain cranes are assigned for long-term jobs in the mining and construction business as well as in the oil and gas sector.

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The new LRT cranes enlarge LaPrairies‘ existing fleet of LTM- and LTR cranes and enhance the operation flexibility of the fleet.

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A further enlargement in LaPrairies’ crane fleet: A new LTM 1130-5.1.

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“We chose the new cranes based on Liebherr’s superior factory products and long term value and utilization that we have experienced in their All-Terrain Cranes and the LTR fleet that we have in use”, explains Reagan LaPrairie, director and vice president operations of LaPrairie, “Liebherr provides the best product when it comes to cranes and how they keep working in extreme cold operating conditions”.

During the decision to order the four new rough terrain cranes, the Liebherr LRT 1090-2.1 type was carefully selected. Usually the rough terrain cranes are requested by end customers without crane operators, therefore the safety aspect was an important criteria. Providing VarioBase, the variable outrigger system, as a standard, the camera monitoring system and the large cab size as well as the deck layout, the Liebherr LRT cranes are the safest in the class and were therefore choosen by LaPrairie. Another crucial point was the supply of spare parts as well as the customer service. “For the North American market I think the combination of the Cummins engine and the drive train is the best combination – also for service, parts availability and reliability in the long term”, adds Reagan LaPrairie.

The LRT cranes have been presented to the North American market by Liebherr at the 2017 Conexpo in Las Vegas. With more than 100 units sold within just one year after the start of delivery, the rough terrain cranes are being used worldwide in different industries. “It was an easy transition from our current fleet of Liebherr’s All-Terrain cranes when it came to training our people on the new LRT cranes due to the similar systems on their AT cranes”, observed Reagan LaPrairie, “the features on these cranes are really operator friendly. So the operators are happy, the mechanics are happy and our customers are happy – that’s why I have to say the LRT is clearly a winner in my books. I think Liebherr really got it right on these RT cranes - they were listening to the crane guys when they designed it.”

LaPrairie crane is a 100 percent Canadian family owned company and is part of the LaPrairie group of Companies with over 500 employees with divisions in Western Canada and the northern US. Providing a crane fleet of 95 machines, two-thirds of them from Liebherr, LaPrairie has a clear safety first-service and focus on always treating all their employees well and making them feel like they are part of LaPrairie’s family - as they all work together in the same direction.


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