News | 09/29/2014 Building services provider Baumann Kran AG extends its range of services with a MK 88 mobile construction crane

Left to right: Rico Baumann (Baumann Kran AG), Hans Peter Baumann (proprietor of Baumann Kran AG), Marc Bollinger (Mobile Construction Cranes Division Manager at Liebherr Baumaschinen AG), Marcel Hofer (Service Technician at Liebherr Baumaschinen AG).

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A new MK 88 mobile construction crane was handed over in September at Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG in Reiden. Company proprietor Hans Peter Baumann took delivery of the brand new MK 88 together with his son Rico. The MK 88 will drastically extend the range of services that Baumann Kran AG can offer its customers.

"The MK 88 mobile construction crane enables us to provide our customer with a whole series of benefits for many different job types, particularly those which require high handling capacity with precision movements at great heights or a high radius in constricted spaces", continued Hans Peter Baumann.

Baumann Kran AG has to date operated truck cranes with load moments of up to 155 metre-tonnes. When the company first started to consider increasing its crane classes, it initially looked at a larger truck crane. The company soon realised that that in addition to the high purchase costs for a 5-axle truck with a crane, the mobile construction crane was massively superior both on the road and for crane work.

Hans Peter Baumann summed up the purchase: "Its very good manoeuvrability using the five drive programs in inner cities, its high load capacity of 2,050 kg with a radius of 45 m, its horizontal luffing and hook height of 30.2 m, safe working speeds with infinitely adjustable frequency converter drive units, driver safety from the cab and the ability to operate the crane using site power meant that we ultimately decided to invest in an MK 88 mobile construction crane from Liebherr.

In the MK 88 mobile construction crane Liebherr can now supply a compact four-axle model which provides high load capacities and a large radius whilst being compact in size. With a radius of 45.0 m and a horizontal jib the load capacity at the tip is 2,050 kg. A maximum load of 8,000 kg can be moved to a radius of 11 m. The hook height with a horizontal jib is 30.2 m and can be increased to 59.1 m with the jib raise to working angle.