News | 12/14/2018 Big year for Qube Bulk

One of Qube Bulks four L 576 XPower® Wheel Loaders.

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Qube Bulk’s R 920 Crawler Excavator on site.

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In December, Qube Bulk received delivery of its 18th machine for 2018, an L 586 XPower® Wheel Loader. This Wheel Loader, which was delivered to Port Hedland in WA, will be used at Qube Bulk Port’s material handling load out facility. Qube Bulk is a leading mine to market logistics provider in Australia and now has a nearly thirty strong fleet of Liebherr Wheel Loaders and Excavators.

Qube Bulk has been pleased with the performance of their fleet, with Qube Bulk Director Todd Emmert stating, “The purchase decision was based on a desire to seek significant fuel burn savings and to drive improved productivity. We are over the moon with the initial trials.”