News | 04/12/2016 "Be Part of Something BIGGE" – Liebherr celebrates anniversary of its biggest LR 1300 customer

At the Liebherr exhibition stand on Monday Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its biggest crane customer Bigge Crane & Rigging. The American crane hire company ordered its first crane, a LR 1160, in 2001. The ideas from the company had a strong impact on the design the LR series in subsequent years.

"I can still remember the design phase of our LR 1300, which we presented for the first time at Bauma 2007: Bigge placed a high level of trust in Liebherr and our products, when they ordered two models before they were even showcased at the trade fair", states Holger Streitz, Managing Director Design at Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH, about the cooperative venture with Bigge during his speech at the exhibition stand.

The American company Bigge Crane & Rigging has now been a customer of Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH for 15 years. During this period Bigge has purchased over 80 products from Liebherr, including 51 cranes, type LR 1300 – Bigge Crane & Rigging is therefore the biggest LR 1300 customer worldwide. "We trust Liebherr because the developers listened to us, took our requests seriously and the crane designs were modified accordingly to market requirements", comments Weston Settlemier, CEO of Bigge Crane & Rigging, on the good relations with Liebherr.

Just recently Bigge ordered another four LR 1300 crawler cranes, which will be used, for example, in California and Texas. The company specialises in crane sales, hire and project services in the construction industry.