News | 10/24/2022 Bauma 2022: Product highlights and innovations at Liebherr earthmoving and material handling machines

  • Presentation of numerous new products, highlights and innovations in earthmoving and material handling machinery
  • Live shows taking place several times a day show practical applications of current and future alternative drive technologies
  • Insight and outlook on future-oriented solutions from the areas of digitalisation and service
  • Own Liebherr indoor stand for extensive portfolio of attachments and quick coupling systems for earthmoving and material handling machines

Liebherr will be presenting numerous new products, highlights and innovations from the earthmoving and material handling machinery product segments at Bauma 2022. Practical applications of current and future alternative drive concepts will be demonstrated to trade visitors in live shows taking place several times a day. Liebherr will also be providing an insight and outlook on future-oriented services and solutions for its earthmoving and material handling machines at the main exhibition stand. The extensive portfolio of Liebherr attachments and quick coupling systems will be presented to the trade public in a separate area in Hall B5 at Stand 439.

Presentation of future-oriented services and solutions: The new MyAssistant for Earthmoving app digitally provides all relevant information on machine operation and maintenance for Liebherr earthmoving and material handling machines.

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The Liebherr crawler excavator with hydrogen engine R 9XX H2 is dynamically demonstrated as part of the live shows that take place several times a day.

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New crawler excavator models between 70 and 100 tonnes operating weight: One of the representatives on the Liebherr stand will be the R 992 with a 7.20 m monoblock boom and a 2.90 m stick.

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The R 928 with factory-installed semi-automatic machine control from Leica Geosystems will be on display.

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Thanks to the hydrostatic travel drive, the Liebherr PR 766 bulldozer automatically delivers the highest possible tractive force during ripping.

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Robust performers: Liebherr presents the new mid-sized wheel loaders.

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Liebherr will be showing the A 922 Rail Litronic with hydrostatic drive concept and the new, fully hydraulic LIKUFIX® 33-9 quick coupling system.

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Liebherr's TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck makes its debut at Bauma 2022: this is the machine's first international trade fair appearance.

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The LH 26 M Industry E at Bauma 2022: The corded electric material handler is equipped with a battery-powered Mobility Kit for temporary, off-grid operation.

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Liebherr will be presenting its extensive portfolio of attachments and quick coupling systems on its own stand in Hall B5 Stand 439. The new Liebherr 2in1 bucket will also be on display here.

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Liebherr has extended the availability of its fully automatic LIKUFIX® quick coupling system for additional wheel loader models.

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At the outdoor stand FG 809-813 at Bauma 2022, the two product segments earthmoving and material handling machines will be extensively represented. In addition to an impressive live show, Liebherr will present its numerous product innovations and highlights in a static exhibition, among other things.

Forward-looking solutions: Alternative drives, digitalisation and service

As a continuation of the Bauma Showcase 2019, Liebherr will this year provide an insight into Liebherr's technology-open work in the field of alternative drive concepts, including live shows several times a day. Practical applications of the alternative drive technologies available today and in the near future for earthmoving and material handling machines will also be presented. Practical concepts will be shown, such as construction and handling machines powered by different primary energy sources such as diesel, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), electricity and hydrogen.

In this context, several innovative machines will be on display, underlining Liebherr's wide-ranging work on alternative concepts: For example, the first battery-electric wheel loader and the first battery-electric telescopic handler from the company. Both of these Bauma exhibits are near-series pre-production units. Also part of the live shows is the Liebherr crawler excavator R 9XX H2. - the first Liebherr excavator powered by a hydrogen combustion engine. In addition to the Liebherr LH 26 M Industry E electric material handler, the Liebherr R 950 Tunnel E electric crawler excavator will also be featured in the live show. Both cable-operated electric machines are additionally equipped with a battery-powered Mobility Kit for temporary, off-grid operation.

Beyond its work on alternative drives, Liebherr also takes its product responsibility very seriously in other areas. The aim is to offer customers safe, efficient and environmentally compatible products in the long term. This includes services such as the reman programme. Here, old components are reconditioned to the highest quality standards and can be used as an alternative to a new part if the customer wishes to replace a component. The old part is in no way inferior to a new part in terms of performance and reliability and also represents a resource-saving and at the same time economical alternative for the customer.

Another focus of the trade fair presentation is the areas of digitalisation and service. Liebherr is continuously developing services and solutions together with sales and service partners and customers - digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role. In addition to the latest developments, customer solutions already available in the areas of driver support, construction site communication and automated data exchange will be presented. Liebherr invites customers and interested parties to discussions and an exchange of experiences at its stand.

Progressive digitalisation also makes it possible to design services and solutions that are even more individual, consistent and transparent. A large number of new, digital solutions will be presented, with which an increase in efficiency, performance, reliability, safety and comfort can be achieved. For workshop managers, for example, performance and maintenance data on the machines will in future be clearly prepared in the MyLiebherr portal and made available for subsequent processes such as maintenance planning and spare parts ordering. Liebherr is also presenting numerous intelligent assistance systems and applications for the increasingly complex demands on machine operators: The MyAssistant for Earthmoving app, for example, provides machine operators with relevant information on all aspects of operating and maintaining Liebherr machines. Optimal support for the daily work of service technicians is provided by the Remote Service, which enables service for Liebherr earthmoving and material handling machines regardless of location and time.

World premiere: First Liebherr crawler excavator with hydrogen engine

The R 9XX H2 is a crawler excavator with a hydrogen combustion engine developed by Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar. The demonstration model of the installed H966 engine comes from Liebherr Machines Bulle SA in Switzerland.

By using the hydrogen engine, pollutant emissions can be significantly reduced: The H2 drive in the crawler excavator on display does not require a permanent energy supply and causes only very low NOx and CO2 emissions.

The R 9XX H2 meets the highest quality standards. It was developed on the design basis of the current and future-oriented crawler excavator generation 8. With it, the R 9XX H2 shares the focus on a more comfortable and efficient application. The crawler excavator develops the same overall performance as a diesel engine version, both in terms of power output and engine dynamics and response.

Suitable for extreme temperatures, shocks and dust-intensive operations on the construction site, the R 9XX H2 with its operating weight of 50 tonnes can in future become just as robust a solution for earthmoving and quarrying applications as the conventionally powered Liebherr crawler excavators in the same class already are. The only differences are in the refuelling of the machines: Fast and safe refuelling is ensured by infrared communication between the excavator and the refuelling station, where users benefit from the standardised high-speed protocol.

The new 70 to 100 tonne crawler excavators from Liebherr

As part of the revision of the model range, the new Liebherr crawler excavators of the 5.2 and 6.2 generations will also be presented at Bauma 2022. The new models between 70 and 100 tonnes operating weight include numerous improvements and are characterised in particular by their optimised performance data, high comfort, new assistance systems and lower fuel consumption.

The new R 972, R 978 SME, R  992 and R 998  SME crawler excavators replace the R 966, R 970  SME, R 976 and R 980 SME models. The new crawler excavators were developed at Liebherr's site in Colmar (France) with the aim of significantly reducing overall energy consumption. The new and patented Liebherr Power Efficiency (PE) - Engine Control system pays particular attention to this.

The new model range is available with the Bucket Fill Assist function. This assistance system has an "anti-stalling" mode that prevents the bucket from blocking during the digging phase. Thus, this option provides the operator with additional support when using the machine and ensures higher productivity and more comfort. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, the Liebherr Bucket Fill Assist system also reduces the vibrations that would otherwise occur during work, improving operator comfort. The resulting reduced wear on the bucket also helps to reduce operating costs.

On the Liebherr main stand, the R 992 will be presented as a representative of the new model series. The machine replaces the R 976 and guarantees 5 % more engine power. The crawler excavator, which weighs more than 94 tonnes, is powered by a powerful engine with 420 kW / 544 hp. It is equipped with an LC-V chassis, a ballast weight of 16 tonnes and a 600 mm floor plate.

Liebherr R 928 crawler excavator with factory-installed machine control from Leica Geosystems

The R 928 crawler excavator impresses with high tractive effort, excellent lifting capacity and a large-capacity backhoe bucket. The operating weight of less than 30 tonnes has been optimised with the aim of making transport logistics between job sites as simple as possible. The R 928 complements the existing range of Liebherr crawler excavators with an additional model between the well-known R 926 and R 930 machines.

The R 928 will be presented with Leica Geosystems' factory-installed semi-automatic machine control. This assistance system for controlling the machine is the key to precise and efficient work. The strategic partnership between Liebherr and Leica Geosystems, announced in March 2020, will enable the expertise of both companies to be made available to customers, providing even more advanced and reliable solutions. Factory-installed 2D and 3D machine controls will be available as an option for Liebherr crawler excavators and wheeled excavators of generations 6 and 8.

First "live appearance" of the Liebherr PR 766 bulldozer at Bauma 2022

With the PR 766 bulldozer, Liebherr is expanding its fleet of Generation 8 earthmoving crawlers up to 55  tonnes operating weight. At the same time, the range of applications for this machine is being extended into the mining sector: like the largest Liebherr crawler PR 776, the machine now has the "High Drive" undercarriage, which has proven itself in heavy mining operations.

As a multifunctional crawler tractor for material handling and raw material extraction: with a view to the PR 766's key applications, the latest machine generation offers customers enormous potential. The new undercarriage design in combination with the advantages of the cab and operator comfort promises full performance and productivity of machine and operator - even on stony ground and during long operations. At the same time, the diesel-hydraulic drive concept sets the Liebherr bulldozer apart from the competition with conventional torque converters. Here, similarly large efficiency advantages, especially in diesel consumption, as with the predecessor series and larger and smaller sister machines are realistic.

Numerous innovations in Liebherr Generation 8 wheel loaders

In the wheel loader segment, Liebherr is presenting two completely renewed series, the compact loaders and the medium-sized wheel loaders. The compact loaders, which include a new, additional model, the L 504  Compact, will be on show for the first time at a trade fair in Germany. Liebherr is also showing the medium-sized wheel loaders to a cross-industry audience for the first time. These new wheel loaders feature a significant performance boost compared to their predecessor models.

Liebherr compact loaders will be represented at Bauma 2022 with the L 504 Compact and L 508 Compact models. The new L 504 Compact is the smallest wheel loader in the range. It embodies the qualities of larger Liebherr wheel loaders and impresses with a particularly good price-performance ratio. The L 546 model represents the medium-sized wheel loader series on the Liebherr stand. The trade fair exhibit is equipped with numerous intelligent assistance systems, such as the revised, powerful Skyview camera system or active personnel detection.

Liebherr railroad excavator with hydrostatic drive concept and new fully hydraulic quick coupling system LIKUFIX®

Liebherr is presenting the A 922 Rail Litronic at Bauma, a representative of the railroad segment. The trade fair exhibit is equipped with a hydrostatic drive concept and the new, fully hydraulic quick coupling system LIKUFIX®. Liebherr will also be using the railroad machine to give trade visitors an outlook on solutions for the intelligent handling of attachments.

Debut on the international trade fair stage - TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck

The TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck will be presented on the international trade fair stage for the first time. The powerful, robust and efficient machine was developed for the toughest off-road applications and is thus predestined for applications in the field of overburden transport or the mining industry. But the machines are also successfully used in larger infrastructure projects and special applications such as tunnel construction. The Liebherr dump truck shows excellent performance across all areas of application.

Liebherr handling machines for a wide range of applications

Liebherr's product portfolio of handling machines is large - at Bauma Liebherr is showing three representatives for different areas of application.

With the LH 22 M Industry Litronic, Liebherr presents a material handler for efficient use in tree care and wood industry. A wide selection of matching attachments optimally rounds off the portfolio on site.

Liebherr will also be presenting two of its electric material handlers: The LH  26 M Industry E with battery-powered Mobility Kit and the LH 150 M Port E with new mobile gantry undercarriage.

In addition to scrap handling applications, the LH 26 M Industry E can also be used in recycling. The cable-connected electric material handler is equipped with a battery-powered Mobility Kit for temporary, mains-independent operation. It is mounted on the upper carriage of the machine for optimum accessibility and supplies the machine with electrical energy when disconnected from the mains. The Mobility Kit enables mains-independent, emission-free operation for up to 30 minutes. Instead of traversing, the energy can also be used for short-term, speed-reduced work.

The Liebherr LH 150 M Port E handling machine is also equipped with an electric drive and can be seen at Bauma with a new, mobile gantry undercarriage. The electric handling machine is specially designed for handling bulk and general cargo in the port. With the mobile gantry undercarriage, trucks or wagons passing through can be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently.

Extensive portfolio of Liebherr attachments and quick coupling systems

Liebherr develops and produces innovative attachments and quick coupling systems to the highest quality standards. At Bauma, Liebherr will be presenting its extensive product portfolio on its own stand in Hall B5 Stand 439.

For civil engineering applications, Liebherr will be showing the TR 20B, a representative of the new generation of tiltrotators. With its new cast housing and steel bushings, it is even more durable. The Liebherr 2in1 bucket will also be on display: An attachment that combines backhoe bucket and face shovel in one product. For industrial handling technology, Liebherr will be showing the new GMM 35-5 multi-tine grab with the fully automatic MH 40C LIKUFIX® coupling system for fast attachment changes. The five-shell grab, which was developed together with customers, impresses with its extraordinary load capacity, resistance and durability and is predestined for the toughest applications in the recycling and scrap recycling sector.

Visitors to the hall stand will also receive further information on the fully hydraulic Liebherr quick coupling system LIKUFIX® . On the one hand, the new LIKUFIX® 33-9 will be on show as a static model. In addition, Liebherr has further expanded the availability of LIKUFIX® for Liebherr wheel loaders: shown in use on an L 550 XPower® at Bauma in 2019, the fully hydraulic quick coupling system is now successfully in series production for the majority of wheel loader models. Liebherr will be exhibiting the L 504 Compact wheel loader, a representative of the new Liebherr compact loaders, with LIKUFIX®.


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