Press releases | 10/24/2022 Bauma 2022: New Liebherr 520 EC-B crane with fibre rope

  • The 520 EC-B 20 Fibre flat-top crane is now available for order worldwide
  • High lifting capacities and a flat-top design make a wide range of uses possible
  • Equipped with innovative fibre rope feature

The largest addition to the “Tough Guys” series: Liebherr is expanding its EC-B series upwards with the 520 EC-B 20 Fibre. The new flat-top crane with fibre rope and a lifting capacity of up to 20 tonnes is on show for the first time at the construction machinery trade fair in Munich. Machines with such enormous lifting capacities are in demand as more and more construction sites are using heavy prefabricated concrete components. Residential, plant or bridge construction – this flexible new addition can do it all.

Liebherr’s 520 EC-B 20 Fibre impresses with its fibre rope feature and is optimised for transport and assembly.

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With a maximum jib length of 83 metres, the 520 EC-B 20 Fibre is capable of lifting as much as 2,900 kilograms at the jib head and comes equipped with a connection for the 24 HC 420 and 24 HC 630 tower systems. A freestanding hook height of up to approx. 96 metres is also possible. The jib can be flexibly adjusted in 2.5-metre increments depending on site requirements. “We have had so many positive results with our EC-B series since introducing our fibre rope technology. We’re really happy to be expanding the EC-B series upwards with the help of a new rope diameter,“ says Markus Kinateder, Product Manager, Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH. The fibre rope for the 520 EC-B 20 Fibre measures 25 millimetres in diameter (already available versions measure 20 and 22 millimetres).

Clever assembly concept

The development process focused on assembly and transport as well as performance in order to meet all the demands faced by a modern crane fleet. A clever assembly concept, including quick assembly connections and a compact head, makes the crane easy to set up. Only five transport units are needed to deliver the slewing section and jib, including counter-ballast, to the site in question. This saves both time and costs and also helps to reduce emissions. Liebherr is therefore able to offer its customers a high-quality crane that operates safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way.

EC-B series cranes particularly prove their worth on construction sites where multiple machines are in use at the same time. Their flat-top design enables them to turn above each other without encountering problems, which ensures safe working. The climbable cranes with ergonomic LiCAB cabin, feature intelligent assistance systems that support the crane operator according to the requirements of the job at hand. New to the market as of this year are the 470 EC-B, available as 20 and 16 tonne models, the 370 EC-B 16 Fibre, the 300 EC-B 12 Fibre and the 270 EC-B 12.

Fibre rope advantages at a glance

The high-tensile fibre rope, which is the result of 10 years of development work by Liebherr and the rope manufacturer Teufelberger, is a groundbreaking technology. Fibre cranes achieve significantly higher performance values compared to their steel rope counterparts. The fibre rope is more durable, easier to handle when reeving due to its lighter weight, and maintenance is less complicated as lubrication isn’t required. And on top of all that, operational safety is also increased; crane operators are able to see at a glance when the fibre rope needs replacing. The components of the rope’s cover wear out at different rates – a red layer indicates that the rope has reached the end of its service life.


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