Press releases | 04/18/2016 Aviation Electronics Europe 2016: Liebherr presents its innovative component solutions for the aerospace industry

At one of the most significant exhibitions in aviation electronics and avionics in Europe, Liebherr is presenting on 20. and 21. April 2016 its competence in the development and production of control units and power electronics.

The components division of Liebherr is exhibiting this year at the Aviation Electronics Europe. The focus here lies primarily on the innovative component solutions from the areas of power and control electronics for commercial and military aviation. These components have been developed and produced for over 15 years by Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH in Lindau and underline the extraordinary scope of Liebherr’s product portfolio in this area.

The safety, performance and service life of all the components are primary objectives of Liebherr. This is ensured by the long-term experience in development and production of more than 100 serial products for diverse aircrafts, a wide range of certifications as well as by a test center with state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment. Furthermore, Liebherr customers highly value the long-term availability, which is guaranteed by the obsolescence management. Electronic Manufacturing Services and Engineering Services complete the service portfolio by Liebherr.

A major development focus in aerospace is the ”More Electric Aircraft (MEA)“. Liebherr offers therefore mature and field proven solutions with its broad product range in power electronics. Motor-control electronics for electrical 4-quadrant drive systems with different power ranges support a wide range of applications, such as electrical actuation or electrically powered compressors for air conditioning. In the near future, Liebherr product portfolio will be enhanced by power electronics in ATA 24, such as Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU's). Many different drive and power electronics applications by Liebherr have accumulated in-service experience in recent aircraft programs. At the exhibition stand Liebherr presents among others its motor control electronics, the Rudder Motor Control Electronics (MCE) for Airbus - A400M, as well as centralized control and monitoring of the high lift system (flap/ slat), the Flap/ Slat Control Unit (FSCU) for Embraer - E-Jets G2.

Liebherr control electronics are based on powerful micro-controllers. For safety-relevant applications, these units are designed with a control/ monitor architecture and the form factors are configured according to the customer’s requirements. Today, Liebherr control electronics can be found in the fields of flight control systems and landing gear actuation as well as in air-conditioning, cabin pressure control and deicing. The high degree of hardware standardization allows a broad range of use in new applications. The Liebherr exhibits in this area are, for example, the Remote Electronic Unit (REU) for the performance of actuator control and monitor functions independent of a flight control computer, as well as the Landing Gear Actuation & Steering Control Unit (LGSCU) for Bombardier - C-Series for the retraction/ extraction of the landing gear and nose wheel steering.

Due to the longtime experience in the development and production of own electronic modules, the Liebherr Components division is also a competent partner for EMS. The highly-qualified staff and modern technical equipment at Liebherr ensure the professional and high-quality product manufacturing. Besides built-to-order manufacturing, Liebherr offers EMS in several forms, ranging from development to after-sales service. On these grounds, Liebherr is able to respond excellently to customer requirements.