Press releases | 05/31/2016 At the CTT Moscow 2016, Liebherr presents Earthmoving Machines for various applications

  • PR 734-4 crawler tractor designed to meet the requirements of the Russian market
  • L 566 wheel loaders with low fuel consumption
  • New R 922 crawler excavator for less regulated markets
  • Duty-cycle crawler crane 855 HD can be used for a wide range of applications

From its extensive range of earthmoving machines, Liebherr's exhibits at the CTT in Moscow include the PR 734-4 crawler tractor, the R 922 crawler excavator and the L 566 wheel loader. In addition, Liebherr also presents the HS 855 HD duty cycle crawler crane, part of its range of special foundation equipment.

PR 734-4 Crawler Tractor

At the CTT Moscow 2016, Liebherr presents the crawler tractor PR 734-4 in the 20 tonnes class. This is aimed at the special customer requirements on the Russian market. The PR 734-4 on show features a Liebherr diesel engine with an output of 150 kW / 204 hp and satisfying the Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emissions standard. The PR 734-4 is available with an operating weight of 18,000kg - 22,100kg and a blade capacity of 3.8m³ - 5.56m³.

The crawler tractors employ the 4th generation Litronic system in their control system. Essential characteristics include the automatic engine output increase when cornering and the “turn with contra-rotating chains” function. This is automatically actuated by the machine when a sufficiently tight turn is executed. This gives the machine unrivalled turning capability. Another advantage of the drive concept of the 4th crawler generation can be found in the significantly reduced fuel consumption.

The undercarriage versions XL for road building and LGP for use on less stable ground extend the machines' range of applications. The options packages for different industrial applications such as waste disposal sites, wood chip and coal handling and for forestry allow the crawler tractors to be perfectly adapted for the requirements of the specific application. Special cold kits are also available for operation at very low temperatures.

R 922 Crawler Excavator

With the R 922, which was showcased for the first time at Bauma 2016, Liebherr presents a representative of the new crawler excavator model series. The new models are specifically oriented towards the needs of customers from less regulated markets such as Russia.

The 22-tonne machine was developed especially for use in earthmoving, digging and drainage/sewerage work and has an output of 110kW / 150hp. The concept of the Liebherr R 922 is based on European standards and aims to improve reliability, as well as generate even higher productivity on the construction site – with lower fuel consumption at the same time.

The robust travel mechanism, the optimised Liebherr tooth system Z for attachments, as well as the optional backhoe bucket in a heavy-duty version, ensure long and efficient use of the new crawler excavator.

The market launch of the R 922 is accompanied by a complete renewal of all crawler excavator models for these markets between 20 tonnes and 25 tonnes. In addition to the R 922, this also includes the models R 920 and R 924 with operating weights of 21 tonnes and 24 tonnes respectively and outputs of 110kW / 150hp and 125kW / 170hp.

L 566 Wheel Loader

At CTT Moscow 2016, Liebherr presents the L 566 wheel loader with Z-kinematics and a 4.0m³ excavation bucket. With an operating weight of 23,100kg the exhibit has a tipping load of 15,550kg. The L 566 is powered by an economical 209kW / 284HP Liebherr diesel engine which satisfies exhaust emissions standard Stage II / Tier 2.

Similar to all Liebherr wheel loaders for less regulated markets, the L 566 has a hydrostatic travel drive. This is characterised by its fuel efficiency, among other things. The Liebherr L 566 wheel loader consumes up to 25 percent less fuel than comparable wheel loaders in the same size category. In addition, the operator can accelerate in all speed ranges with the powerful and infinitely variable Liebherr travel drive – without noticeable gear shifting or interruption in tractive force. The continuous traction control reduces the tyre wear by up to 25 percent. The drive concept also protects the brakes: Owing to the hydraulic braking effect of the drive the service brake remains virtually wear-free.

For higher tipping loads Liebherr installs heavy components such as the engine and variable displacement pumps in the rear of the wheel loader. With this unique compact design the components act as natural counterweight. Liebherr can therefore forego any additional ballast and attain higher tipping loads. Together with the powerful Z-kinematics, this ideal weight distribution ensures increased handling capacity per operating hour, thus boosting productivity.

HS 855 HD duty-cycle crawler crane

At CTT 2016 in Moscow, Liebherr is showcasing one of the most successful representatives of the HS series, the duty-cycle crawler crane HS 855 HD. The HS 855 HD is powered by a 450kW 12-cylinder diesel engine. The duty-cycle crawler cranes have the tried-and-tested Liebherr Litronic control system as standard, which is based on CANBUS technology. This electronic system includes all control and monitoring functions of the machine and also works very reliably even at extreme temperatures, under humid conditions and vibrations. The minimum maintenance and compact design of the Liebherr duty-cycle crawler cranes allow for maximum benefit. Specially developed components minimise the rope wear, increase the service life of the machine and reduce costs.

The maintenance-free Liebherr free-fall winches are installed as a complete unit. The concept with integrated drive and multi-disc brakes allows increased drum width the same outside dimensions, thereby increasing rope capacity at the first layer. The result is a longer service life of the rope and a subsequent reduction in operating costs. The integrated free-fall brakes prove their worth especially in free-fall applications with heavy loads.

The range of applications is virtually unlimited with the attachment of a wide range of equipment. Material handling includes applications with clamshell or dragline bucket, work in special civil engineering with diaphragm wall grabs or cutters, casing oscillators, as well as work in dynamic soil compaction.