Press releases | 06/02/2015 At the CTT Moscow 2015, Liebherr presents Earthmoving and Material Handling Machines for various Applications

  • PR 734-4 crawler tractor designed to meet the requirements of the Russian market
  • L 538 and L 550 wheel loaders with low fuel consumption
  • LRH 100 piling rig with outstanding performance characteristics
  • A 924 C material handler with efficient handling capacity

From its extensive range of earthmoving and material handling machines, Liebherr's exhibits at the CTT in Moscow include the PR 734-4 crawler tractor, the R 916 crawler excavator, the L 538 and L 550 wheel loaders and the A 924 C mobile materials handling machine. In addition, Liebherr also presents the LRH 100 piling rig, part of its range of special foundation equipment.

PR 734-4 Crawler Tractor

At the CTT Moscow 2015, Liebherr presents the crawler tractor PR 734-4 in the 20 tonnes class. This is aimed at the special customer requirements on the Russian market. The PR 734-4 on show features a Liebherr diesel engine with an output of 150 kW / 204 hp and satisfying the Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emissions standard. The PR 734-4 is available with an operating weight of 18,000 kg - 22,100 kg and a blade capacity of 3.8 m³ - 5.56 m³.

The crawler tractors employ the 4th generation Litronic system in their control system. Essential characteristics include the automatic engine output increase when cornering and the “turn with contra-rotating chains” function. This is automatically actuated by the machine when a sufficiently tight turn is executed. This gives the machine unrivalled turning capability. Another advantage of the drive concept of the 4th crawler generation can be found in the significantly reduced fuel consumption.

The undercarriage versions XL for road building and LGP for use on less stable ground extend the machines' range of applications. The options packages for different industrial applications such as waste disposal sites, wood chip and coal handling and for forestry allow the crawler tractors to be perfectly adapted for the requirements of the specific application. Special cold kits are also available for operation at very low temperatures.

R 916 Crawler Excavator

Liebherr has designed the R 916 crawler excavator especially for earthmoving work. It has a new steel construction and a newly designed undercarriage. With an operating weight of approx. 25 tonnes, the Liebherr R 916 crawler excavator has an engine output of 115 kW / 156 hp (ISO 9249). The engine guarantees effective power output, high efficiency and a long service life, and it satisfies the Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emissions standard.

Like all crawler excavators of the generation 6, the new Liebherr R 916 features the powerful yet energy-efficient “Positive Control” dual-circuit hydraulic system. The large number of hydraulic consumers on modern hydraulic excavators, of which three or more functions are often used synchronously or part-synchronously, demands technically sophisticated and matured systems.

The “Positive Control” hydraulic system allows two independent hydraulic circuits for controlling the components, making the necessary volume flow available quickly enough and with optimal energy use. Maximum speeds of individual movements are achieved by accumulating the pump circuits. With its optimal energy exploitation, the hydraulic system stands for performance benefits, especially when movements are executed simultaneously, when driving in a straight line and when levelling.

L 538 and L 550 Wheel Loaders

At CTT Moscow 2015, Liebherr presents the L 550 wheel loader with Z-kinematics and a 3.2 m³ excavation bucket. Additionally, Liebherr exhibits the L 538 all-round wheel loader with Z-kinematics and a 2.5 m³ excavation bucket.

Due to its design, Liebherr excavation buckets are suitable for earthmoving and cohesive material. The straight, flat base of the bucket with grading edge at the rear is also suitable for grading work and for cleaning loading areas. Powerful Stage IIIA / Tier 3 diesel engines drive the L 550 (147 kW / 200 HP) and the L 538 (104 kW / 141 HP).

Like all Liebherr wheel loaders, the L 538 and the L 550 are hydrostatically powered. Under the same working conditions, Liebherr wheel loaders consume up to 25 percent less fuel per operating hour with the hydrostatic driveline. The hydraulic braking action of the driveline minimizes brake wear. Continuous tractive force regulation reduces tyre wear by up to 25 percent.

The tipping load of the L 550 shown at CTT 2015, which has an operating weight of 17,350 kg, amounts to formidable 12,350 kg. The 12,800 kg heavy L 538 has a tipping load of 9,500 kg. Businesses can benefit from this balance of operating weight and tipping load as handling capacity increases per operating hour. Productivity increases with usage, because larger buckets can be attached.

LRH 100 Piling Rig

At the CTT 2015 in Moscow, Liebherr exhibits the LRH 100 piling rig, the smallest model in its range of carrier units with fixed and swinging leaders. Equipped with an emissions-optimised 270 kW / 367 hp Liebherr diesel engine, the LRH 100 features an exceptionally efficient drive system. This is based on the proven LB 20 carrier unit from the line of Liebherr rotary drilling rigs. The leader kinematics allows a large radius of 8.75 m and angles of 18 degrees in all directions. This allows complete groups of posts to be rammed from a single location without having to reposition the carrier.

Liebherr offers a wide range of powerful attachments for the LRH 100. These ensure that the good performance characteristics of the carrier are optimally employed in working performance. The flexible hammer concept of the LRH 100 allows falling weights between 2.5 tonnes and 7 tonnes to be installed, guaranteeing the optimal adaptation to the pile element concerned.

The LRH 100 can be transported complete with hammer fitted, substantially reducing the time needed for commissioning on the construction site. The machine has a transport weight of just 66 tonnes, a transport length of 16.5 m and is 3.4 m high. The compact dimensions of the basic carrier with 3 m transport width allow fast and cost-efficient transportation.

A 924 C Material Handler

From the broad range of special machines for materials handling, Liebherr presents the A 924 C material handler at the CTT Moscow 2015. This allows loads to be lifted and moved from place to place quickly and powerfully. The robust construction of the complete machine and the broad support basis provide for outstanding stability.

The working equipment of the A 924 C can be individually configured. A range of large industrial monoblock booms are available which can be combined with the matching industrial arms. Liebherr is the only manufacturer to offer specially adapted loose-material grapples, multi-tine grapples, and both long and round wood grapples from its own production. In addition, an electromagnet can also be installed for loading scrap steel.

Equipped with a Liebherr diesel engine fulfilling the requirements of the Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emission standard, the material handler has a power output of 135 kW / 184 hp at 1,800 rpm and a displacement of more than 7.0 litres. Other key components are also developed and manufactured by Liebherr, for example hydraulic pumps, travel motors, swivelling drives, slewing rings and hydraulic cylinders are matched down to the finest detail. The result is enhanced economy of the machine due to increased load capacities and faster working and travel movements.