News | 10/28/2022 Armofer expands fleet with an R 980 Demolition

At Bauma, the Italian demolition contractor Armofer Cinerari Luigi S.r.l. received the keys to a new R 980 Demolition, Liebherr’s largest demolition excavator. Following the trade show, the 200-tonne class machine will be used to demolish obsolete industrial plants as well as the requalification of construction heritage.

With the R 980 Demolition, the family company which has been active since 1961, further expands its fleet of Liebherr excavators, which already includes machines like the R 954 B, the R 974 C and the R 960. The team from Liebherr-EMtec Italia S.p.A. and Liebherr-France SAS welcomed the Cinerari family at the Liebherr booth at Bauma. “It is an honour to be able to present this special machine in such an impressive location and to deepen our long-standing partnership with Armofer,” said Alessandro Premoli, CEO of Liebherr-EMtec Italia S.p.A..

Armofer’s decision to choose Liebherr was guided by several factors. “We are very happy about the longstanding and mutually satisfactory relation between Armofer and Liebherr, which has materialized many customized high-reach demolition machines duly serviced in the field,” said Emilio Cinerari, Chairman of Armofer. “We also value Liebherr’s ability to develop a multi-functional excavator based on our specific requirements, offering us a wide array of outfit features and a holistic equipment range,” added Andrea Cinerari, Member of the Board of Directors. “As we can see here at Bauma, Liebherr has a strong directly-from-manufacturer machine portfolio. This allows us at Armofer to face any type of stripping-out process safely, in the best way possible.”

Once in Italy, the R 980 Demolition will be used for a wide array of tasks. The 200-tonne class machine , with its modular concept for easy transportation, is highly versatile and comes with a wide range of options and equipment for the disassembly of steel structures and reinforced concrete buildings. It will thus be used in the demolition of obsolete industrial plants as well as the requalification of construction heritage. “The versatile equipment’s range, defined and verified together with Liebherr, will enable us to comfortably target different working heights, just like sundry working conditions,” explained Stefano Cinerari, Member of the Board of Directors.