News | 01/25/2019 Anti-buckling system by Liebherr improves ride comfort in low-floor trams in Brunswick (Germany)

Tramino Braunschweig 2 - © Solaris Tram

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems received recently the order from Solaris Tram Sp. z o.o. Posen (Poland), to equip Tramino low-floor trams with anti-buckling systems. The systems will be installed in seven four-part vehicles operated by the German Braunschweiger Verkehrs AG.

This contract is a follow-up order for Tramino low-floor trams, which have begun their operation in 2015 in Brunswick. The delivery of the anti-kink systems will start during the first quarter of this year.

The hydraulic anti-buckling system developed by Liebherr-Transportation Systems ensures that the specific clearance profile is kept at all times and under any operating conditions. The system is monitored by a standard electronic controller BK3 integrated by Liebherr. It substantially improves the ride comfort for the passengers.

Liebherr-Transportation Systems has already equipped low-floor trams with anti-buckling systems several times in the past and is very pleased about the renewed confidence of its long-standing customer.