News | 04/03/2024 Annual report 2023

The Liebherr Group finished the 2023 business year with a record revenue of €14,042 million.

Liebherr’s revenue once again increased significantly compared with the previous year. The Group achieved increases in revenues in 11 of its 13 product segments, surpassing the previous revenue record set in 2022 by €1,453 million. Additionally, there was an increase in the number of employees, with Liebherr employing 53,659 individuals globally by the end of the year.

Throughout 2023, a multitude of research projects were undertaken in collaboration with academic institutions including universities and colleges. As a technology company, Liebherr demonstrated its commitment to advancing the industry's technological landscape by investing a total of €634 million in research and development initiatives. At the same time, the Group continued in its investments towards enhancing production sites, as well as sustaining the sales and service network.

The annual report released on 3 April, 2024 features, alongside key figures detailing the Group's progress, an interview in which family shareholders Jan Liebherr, President of the Administrative Board of Liebherr-International AG, and Stéfanie Wohlfarth, Vice President of the Administrative Board of Liebherr-International AG, are drawing their conclusions for 2023.

Furthermore, the magazine article titled "Gamechanger Digitalisation: From Ego to Ecosystem" sheds insight on Liebherr's research and development efforts, highlighting the pivotal role of digitalisation within the Group and outlining its value proposition for Liebherr's customers and partners.

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