News | 10/26/2022 Alternative drives and product responsibility: Liebherr showcases solutions in InnovationLab

It is not about the one innovation – but about a multitude of technologies and solutions of the Group. The core of the Bauma presence is the technology-neutral research on alternative drives. The InnovationLab on the Liebherr outdoor booth features physical exhibits and models as well as information films and presentations.

With hydrogen, HVO and e-fuels as well as e-drive, the room offers three different areas that highlight current and future application areas of the technologies. Liebherr is continuously working on reducing emissions along the entire life cycle of its machines. This is illustrated by exhibits such as the hydrogen-powered H966 combustion engine, a hologram of an e-drive, a fuel cell system or a high-voltage battery.

The long-term goal of the Group is to offer safe, efficient and environmentally compatible products. The solutions should meet the working and environmental requirements at all times and pave the way for the construction site of the future. In addition, Liebherr's diversified product portfolio provides solutions for the construction of wind turbines or solar panels and makes developing infrastructure possible.

The InnovationLab at Bauma is located on the ground floor of the Liebherr booth in the outdoor area.