News | 07/17/2017 Allegations in connection with business operations in South Africa. Investigation initiated.

In an article published on July 17, 2017 a group of investigative South African journalists, Ama Bhungane, mentioned Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd., based in Killarney, Ireland and the company Accurate Investments Limited. Ama Bhungane has informed us in advance about the article’s publication.

We take the allegations very seriously. The business practices described in the article are unacceptable to us. The commitment to a conduct of integrity and fair competition in markets across the world are part of our basic values and integral to the identity of the Liebherr group. Our business partners, customers and employees as well as the public and media rightly demand information on these proceedings.

We will fully investigate the background to the matter and have already taken the necessary steps to do so. We currently expect the investigation’s results during next week. Until then we kindly anticipate your understanding that we cannot comment further on these proceedings.