Press releases | 11/10/2017 Agritechnica 2017: The new telematics units by Liebherr – more than just telematics

  • Powerful: High computing performance and storage capacity
  • Secure: Reliable data encryption
  • Exhaustive: Support for all available mobile radio standards

Liebherr presents its new telematics portfolio for mobile machinery at Agritechnica, Hanover, in November 2017. The powerful telematics units open up so many fields of application, extending far beyond the possibilities of traditional products.

The new telematics portfolio by Liebherr ensures the secure interconnection of mobile machinery

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The new Mobile Communication Gateway: High storage and computing capacity, including safety-related applications

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The new Mobile Telematics Gateway with integrated battery

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Liebherr telematics units interconnect mobile machinery and enable their integration in the Internet of Things. The new portfolio consists of the Mobile Communication Gateways and the Mobile Telematics Gateway, which is fitted with a battery.

High capacity and open software for greater flexibility

Thanks to their high storage capacity, the Liebherr telematics units can collect large data volumes. For that, they have up to 64 GB of flash memory. High computing performance and up to 4 GB of RAM also enable direct and local processing of data on the machine, even before the data are transferred. This means that the OEM can design the system architecture of the machine more flexibly.

Whereas traditional telematics products are limited to position location and data transfer, the Liebherr portfolio also enables the implementation of process-oriented applications. The Linux-based, open-source, ready-to-code software environment offers ample liberty for the ideas of the machine manufacturer.

Data security

To protect sensitive data reliably from unauthorised illicit access and manipulation, the Liebherr telematics units are equipped with strong 256-bit encryption. This encompasses the boot and update mechanism, communication and the file system.

Functional safety

The Mobile Communication Gateways feature safety mechanisms as per current standards, such as ISO 13849 and ISO 25119. This means they are also suitable for safety-related applications up to Performance Level c.

Precise machine coordination

The high computing capacity of the telematics units also enables precise coordination of several machines. This makes it possible, for example, to deploy an electronic tow-bar. The rapid communication also enables the safe movement of loads using several machines at the same time. A machine-drone synchronisation is likewise possible.

Comprehensive communication possibilities

The telematics portfolio features multiple communication interfaces. Along with all available mobile radio standards, WLAN and Bluetooth are also available. In addition, the telematics units can be linked to other devices via CAN, Ethernet or RS232 interfaces. This guarantees fast integration in the machine and simple networking with other machines.

Long-term availability

Liebherr guarantees many years of availability of its products, thereby protecting the investments of the machine manufacturer. Active Life-Cycle Management guarantees continued cyclical technological development of the telematics units, so that the machine communication infrastructure always remains up-to-date, also in terms of safety. Form, Fit and Function guarantee trouble-free hardware exchange.

Many years of experience

In developing the new telematics portfolio, Liebherr has drawn on its many years of extensive field experience in several tens of thousands of active telematics units, in construction machines and maritime cranes. Thanks to this know-how, the new Gateways are also ideally suited to demanding conditions of use, such as in agriculture or materials handling.

Telematics units by Liebherr


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