News | 04/10/2019 Actively shaping "Together. Now & Tomorrow.": Tag & Sign

The big &-sign is present everywhere in Liebherr's communication at Bauma. At the trade fair stand visitors can sign a massive guestbook in the shape of an &-sign at two locations for the Tag & Sign initiative.

Actively shaping "Together. Now & Tomorrow.": Tag & Sign

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"May we have a pen please to leave a message on the &-sign?" The blue pen is hardly in her hand and the lady writes her own name and her companion's name in fancy letters on the &-sign. The signature blends into a mass of hashtags, small paintings and nice slogans. "Liebherr fan since 2003" emblazoned in red letters on the sign. "I love Bauma" is written in children's handwriting on a curved area. The artwork slowly builds up on the two &-signs because every day there is a new area to sign, paint or otherwise check in. All stand visitors together create a work of art that would not be possible without all the people.

Tag & Sign uses the symbol of this year's Bauma appearance of Liebherr – the &-sign. The connecting element of the motto, the symbol of "Together" becomes the gigantic guestbook: With their contribution the stand visitors can be in the "Now" part of the crowd of people, which is eternalised in the guestbook. At the same time, each signature becomes an integral element of the big "Together" – and the more people that take part, the greater the effect.

The activity takes place on every day of the trade fair (Mon-Fri from 10 am to 6 pm, Sat from 9 am to 6 pm, Sun from 10 am to 4 pm) at the Liebherr stand no. 809-813. This activity and all events at the Liebherr stands are listed in the app "Liebherr Bauma 2019" and can be saved under "Events" as favourites.