News | 03/07/2023 Aaron Malueg: Becoming part of the Liebherr family

Aaron Malueg, Technical Advisor and Training Instructor for Liebherr USA, Co. Tower Cranes.

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For Aaron Malueg, teamwork and friendship are the core of what makes a great Conexpo. Being a part of Liebherr’s Tower Crane division has allowed Aaron to grow within the industry while simultaneously creating long lasting connections.

“Planning and pulling off an event this large requires help from all divisions and levels,” says Aaron. “We come together as a team to build one of the most innovative and exciting experiences you can have while attending Conexpo either as an employee or guest.”

Conexpo provides an opportunity for over 250 Liebherr employees to come together from 10+ countries allowing each person to experience different cultures and backgrounds.

Aaron expressed his love and admiration for the Liebherr Group, employees, as well as the machines and products. “Seeing people’s faces when they look at our products and their verbal reactions when we are doing demonstrations is what makes Conexpo exciting for me. At the end of the day, I just love Liebherr, and I love sharing Liebherr with others.”

Aaron thoroughly enjoys what he does and finds it rewarding to share Liebherr products with partners, friends, and guests at Conexpo.

Meet Aaron and learn more about his love for Liebherr at the Tower Cranes area of the Liebherr outdoor booth!