Press releases | 04/20/2015 A versatile duty cycle crawler crane: the HS 8130 HD

  • Robust design
  • New safety features
  • Optimisation of fuel and noise efficiency

With the HS 8130 HD Liebherr presents a new duty cycle crawler crane during the customer days in its factory in Nenzing. Special focus lies on performance optimization and safety as well as the quick and easy transportation and mobilization of the machine.

Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane HS 8130 HD with casing oscillator

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Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane HS 8130 HD for dynamic soil compaction

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The new duty cycle crawler crane is the successor of the proven HS 885 HD, one of the HS series’ most successful models within the last 13 years. When developing the HS 8130 HD Liebherr paid special attention to the robust design required for duty cycle operation as well as to the extended service life of the crane.

The HS 8130 HD, with an operating weight of approximately 115 tonnes, sets new standards in terms of safety. The duty cycle crawler crane can be transported with the railings, walkways and pedestals fully assembled on the uppercarriage. This accelerates the mobilization of the crane on the jobsite. Further features that facilitate the mobilization are the self-assembly system for crawlers and counterweight as well as the telescopic jack-up system. Additionally, the HS 8130 HD can be easily transported thanks to the low transport weight of only 50 t and to the maximum transport width of the basic machine at 3.5 m.

The duty cycle crawler crane is fitted with two hydraulic free-fall winches offering 35 tonnes of line pull each, which is thus increased in comparison to its predecessor model by approximately 17%. Further benefits of the winches are the increased rope capacity as well as the automated adjustment in all working ranges of the winch speed.

The HS 8130 HD is equipped with a Liebherr V8 diesel engine complying with the European emission standards and the US Tier 4 final. A decisive advantage of the engine is its significantly lower fuel consumption, resulting in increased efficiency during operation. Due to optimized hydraulics the duty cycle crawler crane offers the same and partially even higher material handling capacity than its predecessor despite lower engine power.

The automatic engine stop control is optionally available. Thanks to this feature the crane automatically switches off during longer work breaks, which is both fuel saving and environmentally friendly. Moreover, with the eco silent mode the engine speed can be reduced to a predefined, required level. With this feature a notable reduction in diesel consumption can be achieved without any impact on operational output.

The HS 8130 HD can be used for various special deep foundation applications as well as typical material handling tasks of a duty cycle crawler crane. These include working with slurry wall grab up to 35 t and casing oscillator up to 3 m, material loading with grab or drag bucket, dynamic soil compaction as well as various dredging applications.


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