News | 06/15/2023 A new neighbourhood: Liebherr flat-top cranes build modern apartments in Budapest

Multiple load hooks for swift construction progress: five Liebherr flat-top cranes have successfully supported work on the "Elite Park" residential complex in Budapest (Hungary). The cranes provided by Bayer Construct Zrt. impressed with their flexibly adjustable jibs and straightforward assembly and disassembly. Intelligent assistance systems enabled the crane operators to carry out lifts with millimetre precision.

Five Liebherr tower cranes have been in operation on the "Elite Park" project in Budapest (Hungary) to complete two further construction phases. Image: Bayer Construct Zrt

The flat-top cranes had enough space despite tight site conditions and didn’t get in each other’s way. Image: Bayer Construct Zrt

Two 150 EC-B 8, a 220 EC-B 10 and two 250 EC-B 12 were used for this project. The flat-top cranes had jibs measuring 40, 45 or 55 metres in length and their hook heights ranged from 40 to 73 metres. Using this setup allowed the tower cranes to work smoothly in very tight conditions and to optimally cover all parts of the construction site. The flat-top cranes moved a wide range of building materials, including formwork elements, steel reinforcements, concrete buckets, and windows.

Slimline tower systems for small gaps on site

To make operations as space-saving as possible, all top-slewing cranes were mounted on foundation anchors. 16 HC 175, 21 HC 290 and 24 HC 630 tower systems were also used, depending on the size of the crane. With slimline corner post dimensions of 1.6 x 1.6 metres, 2.1 x 2.1 metres an 2,44 x 2,44 metres respectively, the tower sections fitted snugly into small gaps between buildings. The cranes were erected in June 2022 and dismantled in spring 2023.

During this time, the EC-B cranes were involved in completing the second and third construction phases of the "Elite Park" development, comprising 464 apartments. The number of floors rose quickly: Bayer Construct opted for modern equipment so that the construction of a storey took only two weeks. The ten-storey buildings, each with residential accommodation of varying sizes, are located to the west of the Danube in Újbuda, Budapest's eleventh and most densely populated district.

Highlights of the residential estate are its ample green spaces and colourful façades. The estate is set to be a vibrant addition to the area with facade colours that reflect the neighbourhood’s dynamic nature. The heating and hot water for the apartments will be supplied by district heating.

EC-B series delivers efficient operation

EC-B series cranes are ideal for residential projects like this one. Transport, assembly, handling performance, and safety – the flat-top cranes effortlessly bring together all the requirements of modern construction sites. They cover a wide performance spectrum, ranging from small city to large transhipment cranes. The cranes used in Budapest offered maximum lifting capacities of eight, ten and twelve tonnes.

Intelligent assistance systems supported the crane operators in carrying out precise and safe lifts. A prime example of this is the fine positioning mode Micromove, which enables precise and careful placement of loads. The EC-B’s ergonomically designed LiCAB crane operator’s cabin with unrestricted visibility ensured that the crane operators were able to do their job comfortably and with the best possible view of the site.

About Bayer Construct

The Bayer Construct Zrt. Group with over 1,000 employees based in Sóskút (southwest of Budapest) has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. From the development industry and construction industry through to marketing, the group covers the entire value chain in the real estate sector. Construction areas covered include building construction, general construction, civil engineering, and building services engineering. The building materials come from their own raw materials, are constructed by their own design and manufactured in their own factories. This enables high quality and efficiency.

The company's own modern equipment and highly qualified specialists ensure that projects are completed on schedule, something which Bayer Construct prides itself on alongside delivering excellent quality. The machine park offers 22 flat-top cranes (85 EC-B, 150 EC-B, 220 EC-B, 250 EC-B) and two Liebherr fast-erecting cranes (81 K.1) as well as a Liebherr mobile crane (LTM 1035). In addition, Piling and drilling equipment, crawler excavators, wheel loaders and truck mixers from Liebherr are used in other divisions.