Press releases | 07/05/2021 A new addition to the “Tough Ones” series: The new 205 EC-B 10 Flat-Top crane from Liebherr

  • Adapted lifting capacity and easier handling
  • Clever transport and assembly concept
  • Increased comfort for crane operators with the new LiCAB cabin and intuitive user interfaces
  • New design with integrated advertising panels ensures improved impact over distance

Liebherr launches the latest crane in the EC-B “Tough Ones” series. The 205 EC-B 10 Flat-Top crane extends the EC-B series in the 200 metre-tonne segment and closes the gap between the 172 EC-B 8 and the 220 EC-B 10.

The new 205 EC-B 10 Flat-Top crane from Liebherr impresses with its compact design and easier handling.

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The 205 EC-B 10 is capable of lifting up to 2,100 kg at its head with a jib length of 65 metres and proves its strength with features such as a maximum load capacity of 10,000 kg. The new 205 EC-B 10 can operate with this maximum load capacity at full jib length with a radius of up to 18 metres. For precise site planning and increased flexibility, the jib can be graduated in 2.5 metre sections.

The new Liebherr tower crane impresses with its compact design; the slewing section can be transported together with the full jib and ballast using just four transport units. As the transport units are not used to full capacity, there is also space available for tower sections or central ballast. In addition, the use of the time-tested pickaback system for counter-jib transport enables efficient, safe and economical assembly in just a few lifts.

Easier assembly

The 205 EC-B 10 delivers further advantages when it comes to handling. Slidable pins are used for connecting the slewing platform with the jib and counter-jib when assembling the crane’s upper section; hammering is no longer required. This ensures not only safer, but also significantly more economical and convenient crane assembly.

Launched in June 2021, the 205 EC-B 10 features a 45 kW hoist unit, which offers an optimal balance between handling speed and energy consumption on the construction site. The first new 205 EC-B 10 cranes have already been sold in France and Italy.

Available with LiCAB cabin

When developing the new series, Liebherr also focused on the comfort of the crane operator and safety on the construction site; the already familiar LiCAB cabin, with its proven extensive field of vision, is once again used for the latest addition to the EC-B family. From November 2021, the new 205 EC-B 10 will additionally be equipped with a new central control element in the form of the multi-touch display TC-OS, which is already being successfully installed in the 125 K model.

A new design with integrated advertising panels guarantees increased brand recognition for the new series.

Technical data

Max. radius 65 m
Lifting capacity at jib head 2,100 kg
Free-standing hook heights up to 54.4 m with 16 EC 240 tower system (system dimension: 1.6 m)
Max. free-standing hook height 71.1 m hook height with 21 HC 290 tower system (system dimension: 2.1 m)


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