Listicles | 10/16/2022 6 historical pictures of Liebherr at Bauma that you have never seen before

Liebherr and Bauma – it's a success story. Liebherr has been a regular exhibitor at the trade show since the second Bauma in 1956. A lot has happened at Liebherr since then. We went searching in our Liebherr archive and found photos from every decade: They impressively show the development of the Liebherr booth.

Bauma 1958

The Liebherr booth at Bauma 1958, which took place on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the city of Munich, was still quite manageable. Nevertheless, there was a lot for visitors to discover at the old show grounds in the Theresienhöhe district. At that time, the construction industry in Germany was booming and more and more companies and new developments were conquering the market and the trade show was held annually. Liebherr exhibited tower cranes and construction machines, such as the L 300 excavator. For the first time, 13 exhibitors from abroad were also represented.

Bauma 1962

The growth began: At Bauma 1962, the Liebherr booth took up considerably more space than in the early years of the trade show. But it wasn't just Liebherr that needed more space. The entire trade show had grown so much that it had moved from the old Messe München exhibition grounds to a larger space on a former airport site in Oberwiesenfeld. Meanwhile, 450 exhibitors were represented at Bauma.

Bauma 1973

With a booth area of almost 4,800 m2, Liebherr had a lot to offer at the 17th Bauma in 1973. Back again in the Theresienwiese district, which today is world-famous thanks to the Oktoberfest. From 10 to 18 March, visitors could get to know the new crane models Form 32 K/45, Form 301 C and 90 HB. The new B 1 500 concrete mixing plant and the LG 1130 lattice boom truck-mounted crane were also highlights. The R 941 B excavator celebrated its world premiere. This Bauma was to be the last in the 2-year cycle. Due to the economic crisis at the time, the trade show was cancelled in 1975. Bauma was back in 1977 and has been held every three years since then.

Bauma 1989

Bauma 1989 took place from 10 to 16 April 1989. There was great interest in the products of the 1,294 exhibitors and 239 additionally represented companies from 30 countries. Liebherr was not only represented with an impressive, yellow-striped booth, but also took new measures in the trade show communication. For the first time, visitors were able to take a look behind the scenes at Liebherr in the Liebherr-Bauma newspaper. The cover story was: Litronic "All Out" Electronics.

Bauma 1998

In 1998, Bauma had grown so much that it would have burst at the seams at its old site. Therefore, it was held for the first time at the new exhibition grounds of Messe München in Munich Riem. The Liebherr booth had evolved into a large building with an impressive ceiling of glass and steel. Liebherr had 74 exhibits, of which 14 were world premieres, such as the Litronic cranes, the LTM 1500 mobile crane, LR 1400 crawler crane or the Compactmix 0.5. A total of 380,000 visitors attended the event, including trade visitors from 131 countries.

Bauma 2010

For Bauma 2010, which took place from 19 to 25 April, Liebherr designed a completely new booth. One year later, it was even awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2011 in the category "Communication Design". This booth is still the heart of Liebherr at Bauma today. Among the exhibits were many premieres, including the 81K fast-erecting crane, the Betomix, the mobile crane LTC 1045 , the dump truck TA 230 and the mining excavator R 9100.

You can find the 2022 Liebherr Bauma booth in the outdoor area at numbers 809-810 and 812-813.

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